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  1. xylaria


    Hands up who being collecting walnuts, ahh yes, are they going to still be black by Christmas, because mine are. We found four trees of walnuts that had dropped their fruit after the hurricane, so will filled two rucksacks and the bike paniers up. The outer shells contain phenols and smell...
  2. xylaria

    Stupidly Simple Full range Mega thread

    So rather than have loads of threads several years old,we thought is would be better to have one thread with everything on it. The reviews on the old threads sell the products, look them up with the search bar if you need to. If you wish to make an order private message me what you want with...
  3. xylaria

    slow worms in my front garden

    Moved into a house two months ago. The garden hadn't been touched in a decade. The council strimmed the week I moved and have mowed the front lawn a few times. The front lawn has slow worms. At the moment they are under the lawn. Have I stuffed up their habitat by mowing and removing the thatch...
  4. xylaria

    Vladimir putin playing darts and avast have a warning.

    Clicked on here using pc and my antivirus tripped up with threat stopped notice. Clicking just now got uncy vlad playing dart advertising titan gambling. Both times entering from google result.
  5. xylaria

    smelly knitted hat

    I bought a hat in home bargains. It said on the label " handknitted in Nepal ". I wore it today in the pouring rain. It kept my head impressively dry but not hot, but the wetter it got the smeller it got. It smells like the wrong end of a fleece. It has been dyed vibrant colours, so I am at a...
  6. xylaria

    guitar strings as snares?

    Does anyone use guitar strings as snares? I have quite a few old metal guitar strings. I keep them about in case they become useful someday. Do people that use them as snares only use the smooth top three strings or can the wound bottom strings do. Is the top e string strong enough? I am not...
  7. xylaria

    Pine Tar Soap

    Pine tar soap with allantoin. Handmade soap, with 5% excess fats. It smells like a pine forest with a touch of smoke ie just like a weekend in the woods. The allantoin is the healing compound in comfrey, it helps heal up those little scratchs you pick up while out. Pine tar forms natural...
  8. xylaria

    Foraged Waxed Coat Help Please

    Christmas week I walked down an ally in town. There was two bags of clothes spillt all over the place. Basically I lifted a waxed coat out of the sodden pile of clothes. It looked too good a coat to end up in fly tipped rubbish getting peed on by rats. It is a drizabone full length coat in my...
  9. xylaria

    STUPIDLY SIMPLE lip balms ~ plain o' wicked

    Plain lip balm is made with two ingreidents, beeswax, rapeseed oil. It has no smell or taste, so great if you are hunting. It can be rubbed on face as well as lips to prevent wind chapping. Wicked lip balm is made with three ingreidents, beeswax rapeseed oil and an unbleached cotton wick. It...
  10. xylaria

    pendulous sedge HEADS-UP morrisons

    For those of us that watched lord mears wild food, or are interested in wild food gardens, morrisons have got pendulous sedge on sale in the plants aisle. £2 per plant. The plants are quite small but they should produce a good cup of seeds next year and keep producing without much effort...
  11. xylaria


    Stupidly simple bug oil spray is a neem oil based spray that is applied to the skin to provide a layer of protection against biting insects. Four other essential oils have been added to provide a level of repellancy and to improve the smell of the neem. The spray is £6.00 for 200ml with £2.60...
  12. xylaria


    Midge repellant made with the simplest natural ingredients. £3.50 per 15ml tin £6.00 per 30ml tin Postage Free. Simply PM your e-mail address and postal address to either me or woodstock and we will dispatch within 24hrs of payment.
  13. xylaria

    hogweed root?????

    I like the shoots, and the seeds have their place as a flavour, i have never tried the root. It is alledgly edible and I have bag of it my kitchen. It looks like and smells like parsnip gone woody. Has anyone ever tried it? is it better midwinter like parnsip. It was used mostly as animal...
  14. xylaria

    animals recognising death

    We came across something to which apart from bringing a tear to my eye at the time, has left me with quite profound questions. We were driving down the A road, at the top of the village when i spotted a ginger cat pawing another cat lying on the grass. We stopped to see what help the cat...
  15. xylaria

    How to clean a bee of mites.

    I found this tutorial yesterday. I have found quite a few bumblebees that have appeared to be really suffering with heavy infestions of mites. It wont change the world, but it might work to change the world of one bee.
  16. xylaria

    british wasabi and nuts.

    I got up today I decided to be really productive. Made hazelnut butter, and found out the root of jack by the hedge is just like wasabi. I have yet to combine these to bits of infomation and make wasabi nut butter. Nut butter Shell a load of nuts. Pound as fine as you can. Fry in pan for few...
  17. xylaria

    The Wolfman of Ammanford He has lived in pantyffynone woods since 2007. He mostly lives off the land with some petty thieving of high energy/nutrition foods and some clothes. He doesnt claim any benifits, and...
  18. xylaria

    A week on foraged wild food.

    Starting tomorrow I am doing a foraged food week, while living in the comfort of my own home. It leads on from the threads about the man that died tryng to live off the land in the scotish highlands. I am doing it mainly to help those that wish to go to the wilds and live off the land. It is to...
  19. xylaria

    national botanical gardens wales

    Just off the A48 carmarthenshire, has a woodcrafts weekend. Just got back, there is lots of exhibitors, hobbists and pros both with some amazing workmanship. Bring wallet carving tools also for sale. i bought a handforged spoon knife blade for thirty quid, flexicuts from 15, factory seconds...
  20. xylaria

    witches eggs [stinkhorns]

    Nope we aren't kidding Here are the witches eggs before prepping. They have a papery coat over the gelatinous slime. The slime and papery coat are removed to reveal a black and white inner. the black inner can be eaten or be peeled off to to reveal the firm white...