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  1. QDanT

    Gone Fishing

    Having just answered stone monkey in the 'other chatter' thread I thought I'd post it here as well : Hi stone monkey I answered your query in my last post by signing off with --- Gone Fishing. I still take a stove and...
  2. QDanT

    Avon floats

    With some 1/2" Balsa dowel drilled from either end then a BBQ squewer pushed through and super glued shaped/sanded with a nail file sandpaper board Tip 1" and stem 2" and I decided to whip a smaller eye (than the Reed floats) on, then painted with Acrylic paint then x3 coats of Yacht...
  3. QDanT

    Teddys' Avons

    As I learn to use the new Whipping tool, it turns into a lathe With some 1/2" Balsa dowel drilled from either end then a BBQ squewer pushed through and super glued shaped/sanded with a nail file sandpaper board it's work in progress
  4. QDanT

    Reed Fishing Floats

    Decided to make a batch of Reed and BBQ Bamboo (skewer) Floats So an Expedition for some Reeds Think I've enough needed a holder to keep them organised so while Mrs QDanT was out took over the Kitchen then back to the front room the Bamboo tips and stem glued in with Super glue came up...
  5. QDanT

    Mk2 Trolly

    from :-
  6. QDanT

    Auto saved

    so I'm signed in and composing a new thread and a small yellow box keeps flashing up at the bottom 'auto saved' the interweb quite often drops out here in the sticks but soon comes back but then I've to sign back into BCUK and the new thread composition I was working on has gone ? where is it...
  7. QDanT

    Have Bus Pass will Travel !

    Mrs QDanT left for the shoe mines/handbag quarrys with the girls this morning :sadwavey: Free Time :thankyou: Rummaged through the fridge/freeezer found some rib-eye :approve: packed the Trolly out to the bus stop with my over 60's free pass asked the driver for the nearest stop to Greeberfield...
  8. QDanT


    ok worked it out
  9. QDanT

    How to fool the Archaeologists

    Find some Ochre Find a Cave Let the Bear have a glass of Wine Have a Laugh :naughty: :sad6: I.G.M.C.
  10. QDanT

    Battered Spam at Sewell's Cave

    Parked in the same spot as Sundays 'Fungus Ear Cafe' post and followed the same path uphill passing the Fungus Ear Cafe then followed the Goat track ledge :yikes: well you couldn't call it a path What's the stone called on top of an Easter Island Head ...
  11. QDanT

    At the Fungus Ear Cafe Parked in the layby, over Buck Haw Brow, out side Settle North Yorkshire View from the top - Pendle Hill Inglebourgh Penyghent Bowland Kotts the Lake District Back down into the wood...
  12. QDanT

    Birthday dinner

    It was my Birthday, so took Mrs QDanT out for dinner :pokenest:
  13. QDanT

    Folding Firebox mod.

    After yesterdays Out/About post I made this today to keep peas/carrots etc. warm while still frying/grilling
  14. QDanT

    Proper Out - photo heavy

    Well it wasn't raining ! so passing through Settle I picked up a pack of Hotties (£3:20) from Settle coal co. Having tried them in the Folding Firebox and the garden Minions they're superb especially where there's no local wood. Drove to Horton in Ribblesdale then along the dead end road to High...
  15. QDanT

    Sulphur Matches

    With the rain lashing down I turned the kitchen into Doctor Beakers Laboratory I cut points on the Spills then 1/2 filled a Pyrex test tube with Sulphur there’s a wrap of PTFE tape on the tube so that the test tube holder holds it lower down to aid pouring, the trick to melting the...
  16. QDanT

    Not quite Out & About but Doing Stuff

    Yesterday (Friday) I got wet going down to the shed :censored: will this rain ever stop, cut up a couple of 'Hotties' for a Firebox stove oven bake then went to Home Bargains and bought x4 stainless steel dishes @39p each and a cooling rack (to cut down) for 99p Back in the 80's when petrol...
  17. QDanT

    Firebox Rib-eye

    The weather forcast last night was for blue sky and sunshine, so packed haversack and made plans ! Early start, Porrage then took Mrs QDanT into town to the shoe mines/hand bag quarries :surrender: Came back and it's getting darker and darker then windscreen wipers on full chat for a hail storm...
  18. QDanT

    Well in the garden with the Firebox stove

    Thought I'd learn some more about the Firebox stove and have a play in the garden using Kiln dried Birch. We buy these at Home Bargains for £3:99 a sack to use in the garden Chimineas I welded up I normaly burn them as they come but cut a couple into x3 and split them to fit the Firebox...
  19. QDanT

    Photo' heavy ?

    Thanks to a great swap with 'beech' I've been itching to get out with my new Firebox stove but the rain's been stair-rods since last Wednesday :( this morning was blue sky and sunny though so I set off for Grass woods at Grassington again as it's only about 15 miles away. Parked up and set off...
  20. QDanT

    Chaga Hunting

    Never having seen Chaga and a dry day for once I drove 15 miles to Grass Woods at Grassington for a look round, set off up hill to where I knew there was loads of Birch, passing a photo opertunity for the Bear Soon over the top and into Limestone country and the Birch started No sign...