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  1. Gray

    Exped downmat 9

    Hi, does anyone have any experience with the downmat 9. Mine has developed a big air bubble in it which apparently is not repairable. So, if I where to cut one end open and insert a cheap self inflating mat, would the downmat still insulate me from the ground. Thoughts please guys and girls...
  2. Gray

    Playing with patina

    Had a little play with a patina on a cheap mora.
  3. Gray

    Does such a thing exist....

    Guys, i need a - 10 c comfort sleeping bag, which will easily accommodate a short fat fella, which packs down to about 2foot x 1 foot and has a dedicated bivvy bag that either press studs or zips on. Side or Central opening, for £200. Does it exist. Army arctic bag with modded bivvy bag i hear...
  4. Gray

    My new Nessie

    Hi guys n girls. I've been after a Nessie for a while now so bit the bullet and had one made in RWL34 What do you think.
  5. Gray

    UK Northern Adventures - Giants Seat

    Alex I have organised a October group meet. This is for all members, This will be our first group meet and it would be nice to see a lot of members. Its at Giant's Seat Scout camp on Friday 12th October at 1600 hrs to Sunday 14th October at 1400 hrs Location: Giants Seat is located off Ringley...
  6. Gray

    Travel type mug with infuser

    hi everyone, can anyone recommend a travel type mug with built in tea/coffee infuser. not a press and not glass. Cheers
  7. Gray

    Vn catalyzer stove

    Guys, i have this old catalytic stove, probably dating back to the 60s ish. its called a VN Catalyzer, made in Denmark. Can anyone tell me anything about it, history, value etc. cheers fellas.[IMG]
  8. Gray

    mistle thrush advice

    Guys, i've got Mistle thrush building a nest in a plum tree. The problem is thats its about 10 feet off the ground, pretty exposed and a prime target for all the cats. Do i disturb them and discourage them or what.
  9. Gray

    10th _11th jan, kirkby lonsdale

    Anyone fancy a cheeky overnighter. Heres the place, let me know
  10. Gray

    Is old Aluminium safe

    Guys, I thought I'd give my old Swiss Army Volcano Stove an airing but on inspection, the water bottle is stained inside and very lightly pitted. Is it safe to drink from and is it safe to drink water that has been boiled in it. Cheers in advance.
  11. Gray

    Heads up

    Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, dual sim, torch, radio , unlocked phone on offer in Aldi for £20
  12. Gray

    Issue 3/4 self inflating mat

    Guys, has anyone got any experience with issue self inflating mats. In particular i'm hoping to find out if they are good in cold weather for insulating you from the ground. many thanks
  13. Gray

    M90 help

    Guys, I'm looking for stats for the Dutch M90 Arctic/5 season sleeping bag. Searched everywhere, can anyone help. Thanks
  14. Gray

    Reccomend me a sleeping bag

    Guys, i know, i know....this has been covered a million times but its such a damn minefield and i need your help. I want the absolute warmest as warm can be, synthetic bag. And i mean really really toasty warm. I also want it to be as light as poss and pack as small as pos. ( doesnt everyone) I...
  15. Gray

    Experimenting with Patina

    Inspired by my mate James ( he's a member here but I cant remember his user name....Duh) and his recent Patina work, I decided to have a go myself on my Svord Peasant.
  16. Gray

    Phone Tracking

    Guys, i've just lent the guys who have gone to Finland my Sat Phone. I know its a bit late now but how would i have gone about tracking the phone to keep an eye on their movements. I've searched google and its just a minefield of rubbish info. Any ideas anyone. Cheers
  17. Gray

    Coleman camp oven

    Just a quick mini review of the Coleman camp oven using a cassette stove Here's the oven shrouded in a heat reflector made from foil coated fibre glass sheeting used in the automotive industry for protecting under bonnet parts from engine heat For the test I used part baked rolls. They're...
  18. Gray


    Is it just me or is anyone else having problems logging in to Facebook?
  19. Gray

    Lightweight food

    Guys, the weight of food is a big factor for me when going on camp. I am riddled with arthritis, especially in my feet and so I cant walk very well. The more weight i carry, the more pain I'm in, the less I enjoy the experience. Therefore in an effort to cut down on weight I was wondering what...
  20. Gray

    Dutch bivvy bag

    Hi guys, i'm after a dutch M90 gore tex bivvy bag, the one that press studs to the m90 sleeping bag. Dosh awaits cheers