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    Snugpack rocket pack

    Snugpack rocket pack for sale. It is used but in very good condition just not brand new. It comes complete with detachable pockets and the yoke to make them into a day sack. Retails over £70 and the yoke is extra. The main sack is 40 litres and the pockets 10 litres each so all told you...
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    The end of the world as we know it.

    Well maybe a bit of an overstatement but this is a very bad thing. That is close to commercialisation of our armed forces, will we see group4 running a privatised army in future? I bet soldiers still get issued crappy Hi Tec Silver Shadows while the stupid masses buy 'ARMY TRAINERS' for £70...
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    M65 trousers.

    Brand new with all the tags still on. These are sand coloured trousers. They are 34 inch waist and 32 inch leg. Loads of pockets (the thigh ones are massive!). £20 + p&p
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    J Neilson Scandi-Bushcraft Desert Ironwood

    Ok I admit you can have too many knives :eek: I've had this J Neilson since the begining of the year and it is just not getting used. It is in brand new condition. I just can't see it stay in the draw not be used, it's too nice for that so it has to go. This Scandi-Bushcraft style has a 4"...
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    Ray mears Bushcraft TV series

    I'm sure lots of you got this from woodlore but for those who didn't: BUSHCRAFT SERIES 1 – REPEAT Ray Mears' Bushcraft Series 1 is being repeated on BBC2 at 8pm starting Sunday 27th February 2005. BUSHCRAFT SERIES 2 Ray Mears' Bushcraft Series 2 will be transmitted on BBC2 in April...
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    Pigeon Shooting

    Finally I had a chance to take out my new shot gun at the weekend. I have permission to shoot on a small bit of farm land which consists of 2/3 long thin fields with strips of woodland seperating them. The first thing that struck me was the change (last time I was there was early autumn with...
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    BCUK down

    That was a close one. Just started to get cold sweats when Tone and the guys got the site back up. :You_Rock_ thanks for the hard work guys. Bill
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    J. Neilson Knives

    For those of you who haven't heard of him this is his site I ordered this one from him in october/november time. It has been quite a wait but worth it in the end. The wood is excellent, the finish and workmanship are perfect and the sheath is just what I wanted. I will take it to...
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    site upgrade

    Did I change something or is there a section in the control panel to change the format of when a reply was posted to a thread? It used to say the time and date now it says how long ago it was posted by minutes, hours, days etc. Just wondered. Bill
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    Help please

    Does anyone know of a good source for foam? I need the dense kind that you get in Peli cases or that egg box style stuff which they use to soundproof recording studios. I only need a couple of square foot but they only links I can find supply minimum quantities of 100sq ft. It is a...
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    Bearclaw Bushcraft Vildmark course in June

    Just wondering who else is going on Gary's course in the summer and if you have sorted any of your travel plans yet? I have been looking at flights and stuff but was wondering what everyone else was doing? Bill
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    You Have ...... New posts

    I use the information bit on the main page of bcuk which has a link to all the posts made since you last logged on but it seems to only last 15 minutes. So as I'm connectionless at home at the minute I get to work on Monday and there are 3 pages of threads to read. But after reading a few and...
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    The dark side

    Well I have joined the dark side. I have a new apple iBook and it is fantastic. The stuff it will do and the little features make it so much better than my old pc. that's my 20gig iPod next to the iBook which currently holds 2314 songs which will take 6.1 days to listen to! Oh and it's...
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    My knife.

    I have been talking about this for a while now and I got loads of help and advice from british blades (dave barker especially :biggthump ). I have finally finished making a knife handle. It is not totally bushcraft but I will be doing a scandi blade dave sent me soon and well we all have...
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    Alan Wood Woodlore

    There are a couple on ebay at the moment but that is nothing new and I'm sure they will go for silly money as usual. What prompted me to post is that one guy claims that Alan is going to cease making woodlore's soon. I have noticed that his version has been out of stock on for a...
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    Scandi Packpal

    Mine arrived today, mine arrived today, mine arrived today. Sung to the tune of whatever you like. :nana: It looks great and I will try and get some pics up as soon as I get hold of the camera which seems to live at my wife's work now. Who else is waiting? It shouldn't be too long now...
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    I saw Maddave's post about rucksacks just now and it got me thinking. Who know's for definite if karrimor is no more or not? Now I don't just want "some bloke down the pub said....." we need facts people!! I looked at their site and it is fairly inconclusive karrimor It looks like they have...
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    Ray Mears survival handbook

    I hope this is ok with the Mods but there are 3 copies of rays out of print original book on evilbay at the moment. I'm not allowed to post a link but search for ray mears on and you will find them. The reason I bring your attention to this is that one I watched recently sold for £22...
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    Knife handles

    Ok I have finished fitting a handle to the japaneese kitchen knife I got but I need to seal it with oil now. I have looked on British Blades and they have a whole thread but people use mixes of several types of oils and I don't want to buy a load of different things just for the one knife. They...
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    After the sucess of the book giveaway I am getting rid of some more stuff. This is totally unrelated to bushcraft hence putting it in the classifieds. Get on with it I hear you say...... Well I have 3 cigar boxes that need a new home. I will pay postage as they are very light you can use them...