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    Where to buy Ruike M11G or Boker Tech Tool in green

    Just got the Ruike S11 from Heinnie Haynes and love it. Now I'd like it's bigger brother the M11 in green. But no-one has any and I can't find any for sale anywhere! The Boker Tech Tool in green is identical except for no tweezers so would do in a pinch. But I can't find any for sale either...
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    Wanted: Ruike M11 or Boker Tech Tool in green

    I have a small Sanremo folder, a larger Spyderco and maybe one or two other items to trade. I can't find anywhere to buy the above otherwise I'd buy a new one!
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    EDC pouch - medics pouch?

    I think, some years ago, I saw a discussion citing these as good for strapping in all your little bits eg phone, folding knife, torch etc. I see these...
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    Snugpak Response for camera?

    I have a Fujifilm XT2 with the 18-55 mm kit lens... I've been using a mark 7 UK respirator bag to carry it plus a few bits eg table tripod. But there's no padding and adding bubble wrap or similar is tedious. So I'm looking for a suitable inexpensive alternative. I take, at most, my old film...
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    MSR Hubba Hubba HP tent

    I have the one person version. Would like the two person version. Happy to add a bit of cash.
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    Wool blankets available in North West?

    I'm currently on the Wirral (Merseyside) and can't find anywhere apart from Military Mart who's choice is limited. Does anyone know of any good army surplus style outlets with these in the region ie Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester, N Wales etc. Steve
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    Exped Synmat UL durability

    Hi I've just bought one of these after reading many great reviews. But having inflated it I worry about the durability of it. Wonder if I should have bought the heavier Synmat 7 instead. Does anyone have any longer term experience ie many punctures etc? I could still return it to swap for the...
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    Fällkniven F1 for an Enzo D2

    I have an immaculate Fällkniven F1 with Zytel sheath which I'd like to swap for an newish Enzo in D2 with Amboyna burl like this: Steve