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    Trying to be a full member

    I thought it might be helpful to become a fully paid up member but have fallen at the first hurdle. When I tried to apply I was directed to use that anathema to a simple soul, that tool of the devil, Paypal. Now, I realise that the majority of the great unwashed use Paypal, and have used it for...
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    Furry friends

    Can anybody tell me what the current UK law is on snaring animals such as rabbit? I don't want to denude the environment but I would like to keep my hand in. Also there is a dog fox that trots through my garden on its way to the neighbours hen house... I have heard it said that, contrary to...
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    Still waters

    I spend a fair bit of wild time by the coast and the easiest water to find is the stuff that slops up the beach. Obviously it is the salty stuff, which is fine(ish) for cooking, but which needs a lot of work to make it drinkable. After some years my Heath Robinson solution has suffered terminal...