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    Le Creuset frying pan and leather Sammi style pouch holder

    Vintage le creuset 16cm omlette/frying pan in brown enamel with grey enamel inside. Not using it since I got some cast iron pans. Some signs of age and small nibbles in enamel on base but nothing on cooking surface. Comes with a custom made leather Sammi style pouch. I think this dates...
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    A little bit of horn work

    This has been on the back burner of ideas for a while now. Saw tombears grease horn which brought it to the front of my head. Inspired by a recent visit to Lerwick museum in Shetland and the fact that I found a shop there selling loose canvas/sailmakers needles in various sizes I...
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    DD Frontling hammock and DD 3x3 tarp

    Selling my DD frontline hammock in olive green and DD 3mx3m tarp in green. Comes with DD snakeskin, 2 x 6' home made polyester tree huggers, 2 x 6' max whoopie slings, 8 x 'y' section tent pegs, ridge line for tarp (inc 2 amsteel prusiks and 2 S biners). All in excellent condition and...
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    DD under quilt.

    DD under quilt, comes with 4 new S biners as I didn't like the stock biners. Well looked after, non-smokers. £35 including all paypal and postage fees.
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    A little charcoal making inc a few pics!!

    Well my normal charcoal retort is a sweetie tin in the livingroom stove. Not very quick but perfect charcoal. I wanted to scale thinks up a bit, but was always frightened of offending the neighbours with the thick plume of smoke. Enter the afterburner charcoal kiln. I take absolutely no...
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    A little tinder horn.

    Well I had a spare coo horn (Isle of Lewis horn). I always wanted a horn snuff mull with silver top but the price is way out of my range. So, influenced by snuff mulls, I thought I'd play a bit. The solid tip didn't extend that far so I couldn't, and didn't know how, to extend the curl...
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    Dot and ring tool finished.

    So I managed to finish off the dot and ring tool today. Small piece of tool/lathe CNC steel from the bay, thin cutting disc on dremel, never worried too much about over heating as just go slow. Just don't push too hard as the cutting disc may (will) pop off! Drilled out the pith, chapped in...
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    Fire steel - project decoration - dot and ring.

    Well I managed to eventually have a go at making a dot and ring tool. Happy with the end results and lots more dotting and ringing to do!!!! Made up the filler with charcoal in the mortar and pestle and a little beeswax.
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    False Tinder Fungus_ A slightly different preperation method.

    So I thought I would have another go at making amadou. Gathered 2 nice conks from near Braemar and prepared them as normal. I think I'm a bit shy at taking the outer layer off as when I move onto processing after boiling I find lots of wee hard bits. I cut off the wee bits and bobs and...
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    tool steel and antler ferro rod STRIKER.

    Well I found a bit of tool steel from a planner blade that I must have picked up over 10 years ago. I had been reading threads about making a ferro rod striker and I thought I would give the bit steel a go. Very gentley on the grinder with lots of cooling in water. Didn't get the exact...
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    A wee bit leather work. A bushcraft sporran.

    Well this is a flying solo sporran after my course with Dreadhead. No doubt a few mistakes, some I know of, some others will see, that's what life's about.:o Thanks for looking.
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    A wee Sami bracelet.

    Well I've only have the pewter wire for over a year and finally got round to it. Sami bracelet, great fun to make. Cheers for looking.
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    Tinder horn.

    Carrying on with the horn work after securing a bundle on the Bay I thought I would try something different. Inspired by the old powder horns I thought I would try a tinder horn. A combination of materials including highland coo horn, leather, brass, copper, sterling silver and burr elm...
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    Leather and canvas dump pouch.

    Well it took slightly longer than I thought but here it is. Old Scout canvas and some new leather!
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    The final results of my Dreadhead 2 day Sporran course.

    Well, it all started with the purchase of a 2 day sporran making course on the forum just before Christmas. It was maybe an indication of how professional it would be when the 'voucher' arrived Stayed the weekend as it was a bit of a journey and learned so much about leather working...
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    A horn drinking cup

    Quite enjoying the scratchy stuff on horn so I fettled this one for one of my favourite tipples. Still to be lined in beeswax.
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    Bit horn work and scratching!!

    Made a grease horn or bodkin holder for a basket maker friend. Still having problem with ink bleed even after trying superglue and wax polish. Cheers.
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    A little horn work.

    So I tried making a basket and stumbled across the 'need' for a horn tallow holder to dip my bodkin in. A look on the bay showed up a few sailors grease horns going for hundreds of pounds. Well I suppose I better make one!! One filed and one to do. Shaped for leather thong hanger...
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    A little net knitting with Norwegian needle

    Well I've eventually got round to getting a Norwegian net needle which apparently holds more than a traditional one. 16mm x 240mm and sure enough it holds more. A few purse nets in assorted colours. Managed a 19 row net out of one needle full. Cheers.
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    It's not a kuksa it's a...............willow basket:)

    So, instead of posting kuksa pictures here's a medium basket I made on a course at the weekend. Managed a bit arty farty Harry Lauders walking stick in it as well.