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    What do you like best?

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    What Is Woad?

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    Thank you for 2 good years...

    ... but now I'm signing off. As some of you may have noticed, I haven't seriously posted for some months now. I've made a lot of new friends here and have learned a lot theoretically, but i've got my reasons to sign off now. Id rather not make a drama story out of this, so I'll just keep it...
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    IMCO lighter?

    Anyone got experience with this kind of IMCO lighter: cheers
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    My New Website

    Just thought I'd pop in and show you all my new and updated website. It's at: :D Remember to leave a message in the guestbook. :) cheers and stay cool.
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    Got a piece of leather...

    What to use it for? It's fairly thin, about 60 x 45 cm long/wide and brown. It's too thin for knifesheaths, and i prefer to use shirt pockets instead of PP. :) Anyone got some ideas? cheers
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    Hello all. Just wanted to inform that I will be taking a parachute certificate in a few weeks. Arranged by my boarding school. It will be cool I think, we get about 5 jumps and after that 10 jumps and then we get the certificate. :) It will be static line (of course). After that going to sew on...
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    What size to get?

    I'm after a Swanndri Ranger shirt olive check from where they are cheapest. I'm 175 cm, that's 5,8'. I'm not very big in body. What size should I get?? I guess the sleeves could be rolled up so it will fit better? Will a medium fit maybe? Hard to say I know. :eek...
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    One For Buckshot

    And others if they can answer too. :) Buckshot shells are illegal over here to own and hunt with... What does a buckshot do? How big are the diameter of the pellets in the cartridge? :)
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    My Knife Design

    After reading a review on the BRKT Mikro Slither, I was inspired to get a larger blade, like a 10 cm. one. And since I still haven't found the perfect knife, I think this will be it. :) Production is already in business. :D 10 cm blade (it's 5 mm paper) 3 mm thick scandi ground O1 tool...
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    Mention all the native people you know...

    :) I'll start, Inuit, the traditional people of Greenland. cheers
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    Something's troubling my mind....

    How can Gary both be banned and ONLINE? :confused: :confused: ;)
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    Cold Steel video - More proof

    I saw this DVD a few weeks back. And I must say it was one of the most SILLY things I've ever seen. They cut cardboard like men into pieces like that was cool and meat. :rolleyes: Like a knife has to be really sharp to do that. :rolleyes: They do a lot of testing with various blades, but when...
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    Bushcraft Trip 2005

    Hello all. Just returned from our yearly trip to Sweden. This time we had good weather, but the last few years we have had at least one rainy day. We started the 26th of June at 07.00 in the morning and drove to Sweden, which took a good 6 hours at least. I can't remember the exact time. The...
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    Look what I've just bought

    Just bought myself a shotgun, picture and info here. :)
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    Off to boarding school

    Hello all. On the 7'th of August this year i'm off to boarding school. :) It's going to be an exciting year with new friends and to get in much better shape. It's an elitist gymnastics school. :D I'm also going to have outdoor lessons, such as map and compass, GPS, nature understanding and...
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    Brat Camp any good?

    Hi everybody. I was just wondering, cause there's this show tonight on telly. "Brat Camp", first program. Is there any bushcrafty content worth watching or is it just bad kids? :) cheers
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    Most difficult?

    Hello all. I'd like to hear your views on what you think is the most "difficult" thing to do, if so to say, in bushcraft?? :) Skills and so on. stay cool
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    Hunting License!

    Today i was at the hunting license exam. First we had to answer 40 questions, from which only 4 wrong answers are tolerated. I had 38 right answers, but my errors were dumb. Well 2 guys had to drive home again. Failed! Then it was time for the practical part. Distance measurement, 6 animals...