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    Day Out Can anyone say mid life crisis?

    So far this year i've taken up surfing, kayak surfing and SUP :D Hey it has to be better than getting a hairstyle from my youth and the sports car or motorbike I had a poster of when I was 13, anyone who knows me knows i've long enjoyed the paddle (oooerrrr misses) and any craft that needs one...
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    Making Friends in the Wilderness the Movie by Adirondack Badger and GGTBod

    Well folks it's been a long time in the making, my first collaboration production is going live tonight on YouTube Premieres, its a brand new feature on YouTube and the broadcast will be accompanied with a live chat, I'll be there and hopefully so will some of the other stars of the movie, so...
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    Overseas Meeting with total strangers in the wilderness who you met online?

    Personally over the years I have met some really great people doing this, sadly I've also met a lot of total idiots, so now every time I first think about meeting new folks for the first time in the wilderness I worry I might be setting myself up for a night with alcohol fuelled heavily armed...
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    I've been lurking

    Just thought i'd say hello, 2018 has been a year of reducing internet from my life and BCUK among many others was removed from my life, I had big things I had to deal with regarding health both physical and mental and the internet didn't help either, got rid of my smart phone and internet...
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    Field Dress A Deer Using Stone Age Flint Knife

    In this video Will Lord makes a flint blade with one hit from a hammer stone on a large flint nodule and then seconds later uses this to process half a muntjac deer for us to eat that evening, you will be amazed how sharp a first strike flint tool can be. I sat amazed trying to carve whilst...
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    Stone age carving with primitive tools weekend

    Just got home and recovered from the best birthday gift I have ever gotten myself ever by attending the Primitive Carving Course with Will Lord and Scott Knight down in Bury St Edmunds at Prehistoric Experiences Beyond 2000 BC. This was a truly legendary event that will be with me in my spirit...
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    I Blame Ray Mears - narrowly escaped widow maker

    When a tree falls in the woods it definitely makes a noise, when the tree falls because of people foolishly harvesting birch bark from live trees to make containers there is only one TV personality to blame, it's time for a tongue in cheek Ray Mears rant recorded in the minutes just after a 70ft...
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    My odd shaped spoon

    After reading @Brandon-C thread when I was mid carving a spoon I was inspired to have a go at carving a spiral into my handle, once I started I realised I was able to start another starting on the other side twisting them together up the handle, just needs some oil If you'd like...
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    Kayaking on Ullswater in the Lake District on a beautiful day

    Greetings good folks of BCUK i hope you are all well this morning. :cool: On Wednesday just gone me and my brother headed off to the Cumbrian Lake District with the inflatable kayaks, we literally looked at the weather forecast at midnight the night before when we decided to go and thankfully...
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    Whilst on my recent trip into the Scottish Highlands

    Aye aye folks I hope you're all having a good morning, I am slowly but surely trying to catch up on my video and trip reporting back log, at the same time though i don't want to always be sharing stuff I done six months ago all the time (this is about my current backlog), so with that in mind i...
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    Carving a mushroom in seasoned pink ivory wood BY HAND

    I let slip in another thread the other day whilst admiring forginhill's spoonage that i was torturing my hands and blades by carving some seasoned hardwood, well it was a piece of ethically sourced slow seasoned Pink Ivory, i've had it for over 2 years with both ends waxed to help it dry evenly...
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    Wanted: Backstrap Deer sinew and other sinews and antler

    Greetings deer hunters and people who have access to them, I would love to get my hands on the sinew and some antler, we can trade or i can buy, anyone out there? cheers Rob
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    Developing my inner maker enriches my soul

    Folks who have come to know me on BCUK over the years shared with me my discover that i needed to make things with my hands, you all shared with me my joy as i found that i could carve wood and actually make things with basic hand tools, I am always expanding and working on my maker skills, I...
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    A nice surprise

    I just got home from best part of 2 weeks in Scotland where I regularly had no connections to the outside world (bliss), so when I finally got home tonight after cycling 40 mile on the final stretch I had a lot to catch up on digitally, I just happened to get around to Youtube before...
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    Exploring Benidorm Spain on a rental mountain bike

    Well good folks of BCUK I am glad to say with a little regular effort i have managed to fight off the cabin fever for another winter. A big part of this fight has been editing videos of my previous outdoor madness, so when my pc packed up and I had to find a new weapon in the fight against the...
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    Made a 20lbs @20 inches recurve bow out of scrap wood and mancave junk

    Last week I found a curtain track in a dumpster and quickly noticed it was made from a thick strip of bamboo so thick the 1 inch wide 1/4 inch thick strip was almost flat, I joked to myself on my way past that I bet you could make a bow to shoot arrows out of that, when I came back home it was...
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    Just grabbed a great premium pure merino wool bargain

    Folks who have known me for a while on here might remember that i love my high quality pure merino wool clothing, i don't wear anything else in contact with my skin (once you try it how can you go back?), at times i have had to pay a fair penny for my wool but every now and then you score good...
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    Alone in the Adirondacks GGTBod 2016

    As promised BCUK I am eventually onto reporting about the solo part of my 2016 Adirondack trip, I say solo, really only part of it is solo but I am nowhere near the part where loads of great folks from the Bushcraft USA website come and meet up with me, a mad Englishman without a castle who is...
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    GGTBod's 2016 Solo Adirondack Canoe Camping Adventures

    Well folks the metaphysical mountain of raw data is slowly getting eaten up, joyously to myself I am now editing up the solo part of my trip Video number 1 is all about getting into the Five Ponds Wilderness plenty more to come, I couldn't have got...
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    Looking into the eys of a stone cold killer

    A real survivor here folks, Les Stroud aint got diddle squat on him, this is one serious badass kitty kat .... meeeee bloody owwwwwww he was the only survivor of 14 cats left to eat each other by their owner Link to the rest of the story