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  1. locum76

    Meet in the Pentlands

    Hi folks. I haven't been on here for a long time, so first of all hi and how are you all doing? With Toddy's permission I'd like to suggest a meet at this location: This wee charity is restoring the croft between Threipmuir and Harlaw reservoirs near Balerno...
  2. locum76

    Battery powered chainsaws (10" blade)

    Hi All. As you may know I've finall taken the plunge and am going s4elf employed as a gardener. At some point, probably next year, I'll be taking my chainsaw ticket for work clearing storm damage in the winter. In the mean time I'm tempted to buy a battery operated one (I've heard the Stihls...
  3. locum76

    Best legal EDC under a tenner.

    I know this has been covered before but I'm looking for one for my wife and I've not got much time for browsing about. Any reccomendations?
  4. locum76

    Romantic Campsites.

    Hi all. It's been a while. I'm looking for a good spot to go wild camping with Seraph without the bairn for our anniversary (no snickering at the back please). Seraph is a well used to wild camping and we'd like somewhere round Perthshire. Any ideas welcome. PM me if you don't want to give...
  5. locum76

    business set up advice.

    Hi. It's been a while since I've been on here so first of all 'happy new year'. I am going start my own gardening business (the first steps are my new years resolution). I know the trade well enough bar getting a few tickets (probably something fairly lucrative like dry stane dyking), I have...
  6. locum76

    Those pesky wind turbins.

    A non-political eloquent rant on the subject by Will Self.
  7. locum76


    Where are you? or has anyone seen him over the past couple of weeks?
  8. locum76

    Bushcraft and fungi foraging event in Fife.

    My work is based in this estate, I've no connection with these guys though. I thought some of you might be interested, it seems quite cheap for 2 days tuition. Rob
  9. locum76

    Charity Shop Score...

    I don't want to brag but I'm going to. I've just been trawling the charity shops in St Andrews (a higher class of charity shop) and scored myself a Swanndri tweed jacket for £20. :) It even fits my streaky rasher type frame. Have any of you lot blagged a deal this weekend? Rob
  10. locum76


    Hi folks. I was emailed this info from another forum (Bhodi project). It looks very interesting and could be a viable way to get folk into the woods from marginalised urban areas without the associated problems. What do you think? Rob
  11. locum76


    My new job is going to put me in a location and environment where a kilt will feel an appropriate item for day to day outdoor use. My recent weight gain (to an almighty 13.5 stone at 6'6'') puts me just beyond the point where my legs would look like string dangling out the bottom of a kilt...
  12. locum76

    reccomend me some good outdoor shoes....

    I've already got some decent boots boots (Hoggs for work and Patagonia for mooching about) but I need/ want a decent pair of shoes for cycling/ walking trails/ going to the pub. I'm interested in something like this: The only problem is...
  13. locum76

    Gardening Work available near Edinburgh

    Hi All. (Mods: I'm sorry if this seems inappropriate but in these hard times potentially getting work for a member doesn't seem so bad). I'm moving from my current job as farm manager at the Cyrenians to move into an even more beautiful place in the country and manage a smallholding there...
  14. locum76

    Rat Packs.

    I'm just munching through my first pack of the 'Stem Ginger Oat biscuits'. nom nom nom. They're really spoiling the troops now. :)
  15. locum76

    Laptop advice required.

    We're moving to a smaller house with my new job. The savings we'll make will make it easy enough to buy a decent laptop so I could do with a wee bit of advice please. 1) Are Lenovo laptops any good? Does anybody have any experience with them? 2) Does XP mode in Windows7 do what it says on...
  16. locum76

    Job with some bushcraft elements available in the Edinburgh area.

    Hi folks. I am leaving one organic farm to go and work another even more gorgeous market garden ( If you think you have what it takes - you will find details of the job I am leaving here: It's a fantastic place and deserves...
  17. locum76

    Breathing Earth

    Hi All. An interesting site. Rob
  18. locum76

    Midge proofing the baby...

    So we're doubtless going to take the baby out camping in the woods this year, in Scotland - that means there'll be midgies. Do any of you have experience in keeping the dreaded midge off of little ones?
  19. locum76

    Cornwall Holidays

    Hi All. My wife, my daughter (6 months old) and I are planning a holiday in Cornwall in April. It's probably a bit early to be taking a baby camping but I wondered if any Cornwall natives could reccomend nice B and B's around the Tamar Valley or in Bude? The vision is somewhere close to a...
  20. locum76

    A quick question about Spiles...

    Anyone know where to get Spiles in the UK?