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  1. Harvestman

    No-sew pouches

    The fruits of today's labour. No-sew pouches. Take one old pair of cargo trousers that has an unrepairable hole. Cut carefully around all the pockets with the wife's fabric scissors. Result: two large popper - fastening pouches, two button fastening medium pouches, two small popper fastening...
  2. Harvestman

    Campervan living

    This is just idle wondering, but after seeing a few posts about campervan conversions and personally coveting a camper van myself, I got to wondering how practical it is to live in a campervan all year round in the UK rather than a house. The appeal is of course the versatility and ability to...
  3. Harvestman

    Your bushcraft blunders and failures

    Here's hoping this could be educational. There are a few threads about Useless Kit, and the like, but what about when it was all your own fault? Let's hear about your blunders, failures, self-induced disasters, and downright stupidity. Hopefully we can have a laugh and learn what not to do at...
  4. Harvestman

    Bushcraft definitions (humour)

    I was thinking about how the words we use as bushcrafters mean something different to us than they might to the general population. Such as tree-huggers (hammock straps) or Swingers (bushcrafters who use a hammock) With this in mind, I wonder if we can come up with some other humorous terms...
  5. Harvestman

    Getting out when you are crocked or otherwise disabled

    Following an incident last week involving my dog (who I think is trying to kill me) I now have torn ligaments in my left ankle. I just went over on it, but the damage is significant. So I'm signed off work, and rest is prescribed. I have it strapped up, and am walking with crutches, and have an...
  6. Harvestman

    Solstice puzzle - rustic button

    For those of you that aren't out dancing around bonfires and getting blind drunk (not that there's anything wrong with that) this solstice, here's a little something that might occupy you for a few seconds. Here's a rustic button made by my own fair hand today. Just the one, because it was a...
  7. Harvestman

    I'm very very excited! - new bush shirt finished!

    Nothing to do with christmas though. Well, it is, in a way. I wanted a thick wool bushshirt like the Twodogs one, so I dyed a wool blanket and passed it to my sewing kit, which is also known as my wife Tracy :) :rolleyes: She promised me the shirt by Christmas. Since then it has sat on the...
  8. Harvestman

    Really simple rucksack mod

    I got an LK35 Swedish rucksack in canvas. Very pleased with it. The only criticism you ever hear of these packs (and other old packs) is that the shoulder straps are not as comfortable as more modern packs. So, I was in my local Poundstretcher (other cheap shops selling mostly tat are...
  9. Harvestman

    Comfort food tonight

    Sudden fancy for a bowl of porridge for tea tonight, so did a luxury version. Oats, granola, sultanas, nutmeg, cinnamon, a touch of cocoa powder, made into a porridge with milk, and then sweetened with honey made on the nature reserve that I warden. Stodge, and absolutely wonderful :D
  10. Harvestman

    Got a Patterdale!

    A few months ago, we acquired one of these: [/url]Hipster chic by Michael Kilner, on Flickr[/IMG] A scruffius, mongrelus, terrierus. A bit nervous, anxious, and under-trained, but a nice little dog. He settled in well. Today he went to the grooming parlour, and came out looking like...
  11. Harvestman

    Fancy a cold one?

    A while ago I arranged to do a weekend overnight with my mate Dave. He asked for the end of November as he wanted some cold weather. Well this weekend the weather finally obliged. We went to a new sport for us in the south of the county, to a forest school area with a fire pit for camping and...
  12. Harvestman

    Retractable dog lead - the bushcraft version

    Our newish dog has proved a bit of a handful, not being lead trained and not entirely socialised either. We bought a self-retracting lead, and although not everyone likes them it certainly helped with him, allowing us to give him some rein but also control him, and gradually shortening the lead...
  13. Harvestman

    A Halloween near-death experience

    Well, yesterday, anyway. Last friday of the month at work is dress-down day. Being just before Halloween it was dress up for Halloween day. So, not having a ghost or zombie costume, I thought "What could be scarier than a viking?" and so I went as one. :viking: [/url]Dressing up by Michael...
  14. Harvestman

    Show us your desktop images

    What it says. I'm sure between us bushcrafters we have a fine collection of beautiful landscapes, bushy shots and kit images as our desktop backgrounds. So lets see them :-)
  15. Harvestman

    Vikings take Raglan Castle!

    I was asked by the staff at Raglan castle to do a public guided walk on the topic of bats this weekend just gone. This I did on Saturday night, and it went very well. Being bats, I didn't turn up until 7pm, so I was surprised to find a bunch of vikings in residence. On learning that they were...
  16. Harvestman

    World beard Day - September 5th

    Apparently today is World beard Day! Really. Let the many bearded fellows on here (and since it is an equal opportunities day, any hirsute ladies who qualify as well) celebrate being at the cutting edge of world fashion, and wear their beards with pride...
  17. Harvestman

    Up the Sugar Loaf and down again

    Well, the title is more or less the trip report :) I've been recovering from surgery to remove my gall bladder, and it has all been going well, and I haven't needed to take a painkiller for 6 days, so it was time to test out the recovery. The plan was for me and Jax (the dog) to park at one...
  18. Harvestman

    A small turned oak cup

    Just a quick bit of woodturning now my lathe is up and running again. A little cup in oak. Turned in centre grain, just because that was how the bit of wood fitted the size of what I wanted. It gives lovely grain on the inside and shows the medullary rays, though it means it isn't smooth inside...
  19. Harvestman


    Finished this little scoop yesterday. Made from a scrap bit of plum wood that was turned on the lathe to get the shape, then trimmed with an axe and hollowed with my mora and flexcut bowl knives. Annoyingly it has a split about an inch long in the handle end, but hoepfully the finish will...
  20. Harvestman

    A brush with hypothermia

    When I went out to collect in my freshly-emptied bins this morning, I noticed the bin men looking into the bushes. It turned out that they had spotted a hedgehog that they said "didn't look right". I took it in and determined that it was uninjured, but moving in a very uncoordinated way. In the...