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  1. Ichneumon

    Something strange, any explanations?

    Whilst taking a walk in the New Forest a friend and I came across what you see in the pictures. I large area of mostly dead or denuded oak trees. It was almost 100 metres across and at least 400 metres long. It was in a sea of perfectly healthy oak trees. There was absolutely no sign of burning...
  2. Ichneumon

    Another North West pub meet.

    Once again we are having a little get together in a pub to put faces to nicknames and plan some more bimbles and meets. I know it is short notice but I have just got back from 10 days in the woods to find that this is happening on another forum. Time and place: Sunday 4th Aug at 19:30 at the...
  3. Ichneumon

    Lancs/North West pub get-together 2

    After a successful pub meet and a couple of wanders of "THE NORTHWEST/LANCASHIRE BUSHCRAFTERS", we are arranging another pub get-together and would just like to gauge the response. The proposed meet will be at The Royal Oak, (which is just off J6 M61) on Tuesday 14th May from 19:30, but just...
  4. Ichneumon

    Lancs/Northwest pub get-together

    Following on from another thread, and with due credit given to Aiden_cub who's idea I have stolen, I propose to organise a pub get together on a few evenings. The idea will be to meet up and get to know our fellow bushcrafters in the area. The other main purpose will be to try to organise...
  5. Ichneumon

    Leave your razor at home lads!

    This product comes highly recommended. Please don't take my word for it - read the reviews. :lmao:
  6. Ichneumon

    Heads up - Yarner Wood open day
  7. Ichneumon

    The amazing freezing frog

    Not much amazes me these days - but this did! :Wow: How the hell do they do that?! :dunno:
  8. Ichneumon

    Invitation to jungles of Belize

    After a wonderful time on Dartmoor with members of BCUK Igor, our friend from the USA, has asked his new friends to join him for a week or two in the jungles of Belize. He has property right on the coast which is jungle, mangrove and sea-front. The propose time will be some time in Feb/Mar...