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  1. JakeR

    Dave Budd knife course - review

    For many years now, I've been threatening to learn how to make a knife. Finally moving back to South Wales in May, into a house with a basement -soon to be workshop - the time was nigh. It was either now or never. So permission was granted by Household Government sometime back in June ("Why do...
  2. JakeR

    Cabin in the woods

    Hi everyone So I'm lucky enough that as a family we've a small piece of woodland in Wales where we've brought in a shepherds hut. As you can imagine we spend a lot of time here, and have done for the last ten years or so. The hut has been improved on over the years and boasts a solar panel...
  3. JakeR

    Knife courses

    Morning all- Another change in circumstances and another attempt to return to a long-lost passion! I'm looking into learning a new skill. I've just turned 30 and think now's the perfect time to start(!). I'd like to learn knife-making, and am looking for recommendations for knife courses...
  4. JakeR

    It's been a while….

    So I thought I'd give it ten years or so… I've been reminiscing and now with a family-acquired piece of woodland, the world of outdoors has come back into my life! My username has changed, as at the time my less internet-savvy self didn't quite grasp that what's said online, stays online...
  5. JakeR

    In the woods

    Hello all, Well, it's been some time. In between Spain, work and other misadventures I've found myself reconnected with my lost love for the bush. Bushcraftuk was a major part of me for some time, some time ago, it is even said that I would have done well in school, had it not been for Tony...
  6. JakeR

    That feeling.... back. Despite now being in madrid, and not posting on my favorite forum for almost a year now (but i haven't been involved for 2), it's hit me. I've been city-dwelling, my knives haven't been touched, i haven't smelled a woodfire, looked up through the leaves, etc etc etc. I now have...
  7. JakeR

    Bison Bushcraft

  8. JakeR

    Gap year travels

  9. JakeR

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Hi Guys, Im in LA! I know i am getting around a bit, but, well, cardiff just aint doing it fro me at the moment. So, im staying with my girlfriend out here in hollywood hills for a while, whilst doing a journalism course for the UCLA. Im hoping to make it back to spain for late march...
  10. JakeR

    ¡Hola de españa!

    Well guys, remember me? It has been a while! Im sorry i haven´t been on for so long, been working in a pub, earning money, moving out of home, living with a girl, getting drunk and all the rest! I currently write to you from Granada, I am living here for a few months, to learn spanish. It´s...
  11. JakeR


    WOAH! Too tired to tell you all about it now. No sleep in the last 24 hours. Going to bed. Lots to tell! Missed this place. Not sure if thats sad or not. Jake
  12. JakeR

    Howabout this for a plan...

    Hi Guys, Well, on Saturday i depart for my epic journey. For one month I will be travelling around Kenya and South Africa. :D Here's the itinerary I was sent the other day... HE'S OFF!! After much planning and much anticipation and many problems it seems like i am actually about to...
  13. JakeR

    Biltong in Cardiff

    Hi guys, I discovered a South African shop in Cardiff that sells all sorts of South Africa goods. Im happy to get stuff for people, just send money for the goods and postage, im not interested in making money, but i am intersted in supporting this shop, as it's struggling. Next time im in...
  14. JakeR


    I know this has been covered to a certain extent but i had to share an experience i had the other night that was frightening in two respects... 1. The spiders 2. My reaction I had a bad experience when i was about 13 in a place called Vermaklaakate (South Africa). I was swimming in this...
  15. JakeR

    Happy Birthday Rappleby2000!!

    Have a good one mate... :D :D
  16. JakeR

    5000th thread!

    Well done BCUK and all those with it!! :biggthump
  17. JakeR

    Are mullets cool?

    :shock: I think i subtle mullet is cool, am i right? :rolmao: I won't say why, yet :shock:
  18. JakeR


    Hey all. The boat knife was reviewed by Gary on the ols site, but it rarely gets mentioned, why is it not as popular? Im liking the look of the "offset" blade, and am intersted in getting one when im on more friendly terms with my bank balance! I know there is a small secondary bevel...
  19. JakeR

    some pics!

    I hope this is gonna work now! I've finally got my digi working, and successfully uploaded pics! So, some kit... first off my Northstar, Bison Bushcrafter, Allan Blade bushcrafter w/full flat grind. Same knives and their sheaths. :approve: :wink: less said about that the...
  20. JakeR

    Need help from Welsh speakers...

    Adi? Brynglas? I know this is absolutely ridiculous but i need a Welsh translation of "Im a barbie girl" into welsh. I have to do the eisteddfod this year as i am now "senior" (all upper sixth have to be involved). And i have decided i want to make it funny. I have so far... "Barbie ydw...