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  1. Ichneumon

    Hampshire meet

    I'm gonna be down that way so unless something goes seriously pear-shaped I'm hoping to show my face and meet some of you guys. Could someone please send me the location? 1. Andyn and kids 2. Stamp and boys 3. Adestu 4. Angie 5. paulm 6. Grant 7. John Grisley (Tbc) 8. Tony Hickey 9. Dan 10...
  2. Ichneumon

    Skill share/meetup, Wooplaw woods, Scottish Borders, Fri.25th-Sun.27th March

    Hoping to come to this. Could I have the facebook link please?
  3. Ichneumon

    Unusual Gravestone

    Many people say it that way.
  4. Ichneumon

    Hello from Rossendale

    Welcome Tony. I too am just down the road in Burnley. Plenty of like minded people in this area but, unfortunately, not much happening hereabouts. If you want to learn from others around the campfire you may have to travel a bit. I suggest you sign up for one of the many get-togethers that are...
  5. Ichneumon

    White Rose Wood January

    Rats!! Made other arrangements now. Next time Karl.
  6. Ichneumon

    White Rose Wood January

    That was my thinking but the OP clearly states Friday and Saturday only - hence my original question.
  7. Ichneumon

    White Rose Wood January

    Thanks Karl, I'll wait until you do a full weekend, a bit too far to travel for a single night.
  8. Ichneumon

    White Rose Wood January

    Only one night?:confused:
  9. Ichneumon


    Welcome to this forum too. I have replied more fully elsewhere. I don't recomend a course to start with, they are an expensive way to find out if you like this stuff. As for kit: many of the mini-groups (groups within groups) have a buddy-bag. A collection of kit put together so that newbies...
  10. Ichneumon

    Camping in Japan - advice needed please

    I haven't been to Japan, but I have been to China. I know they are not the same but there are some similarities Camping is camping - you sleep in a tent/hammock and that remains much the same wherever you are. The big differences will be cultural and these will be much bigger, yet small...
  11. Ichneumon

    An unfriendly Good Companion

    You must have been rich in those days Oldtimer! The Icelandic at £11 19s 6d - gadzooks, a veritable fortune! I could only afford the Pal-O-Mine standard at £6 19s 6d. The Blacks Pal-O-Mine range of sleeping bags and tents - now there's a name to conjure with! Standard and Super Pal-O-Mine tents...
  12. Ichneumon

    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    Hi Peter. Having had, and used, a Paypal account for some years they suddenly decided (without any provocation) that I had to prove, with passport, driving licence etc, my identity. Until I did they would lock my account, including making it impossible for me to cancel it. I decided to vote with...
  13. Ichneumon

    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    Regretably I'm gonna have to blob on this meet. Work has intervened and besides I can't (and won't) do Paypal. Have a good one guys.
  14. Ichneumon

    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    I was waiting for you to confirm Gary. Copy and Paste + add your name. 1. Pete (very briefly if I can) 2. Wayland. 3. Crowman 4. Ichneumon
  15. Ichneumon

    Something strange, any explanations?

    Definately very eerie! There was no sign of fungal fruiting bodies. Best explanation so far is localised flooding. Strange that the trees had developed healthily for many years only to be killed off by flooding though.
  16. Ichneumon

    Something strange, any explanations?

    Whilst taking a walk in the New Forest a friend and I came across what you see in the pictures. I large area of mostly dead or denuded oak trees. It was almost 100 metres across and at least 400 metres long. It was in a sea of perfectly healthy oak trees. There was absolutely no sign of burning...
  17. Ichneumon

    Rarest flying thing seen today I'll wager!

    Entry in my father's flying log circa 1939: 'First flight in a Spitfire - scared witless!' He was aged 19! Served in a number of squadrons including 92. After the B of B, fought in North Africa and went through Monte Casino (life expectancy for a pilot in that theatre - 14 days) and then on to...
  18. Ichneumon

    Where is suitable for my first outing just for the day/afternoon

    The first item on the list that Mesquite has sent you, Piecefield Woods, is a very good place. Some of the local Bushcrafters use it and I have been there.
  19. Ichneumon

    Rabbit skin glue?

    Check out local violin shops and repairers. They use rabbit skin glue and may sell you some.
  20. Ichneumon

    Iron pyrites.

    Where my pyrites then ya little rat, you never offered me any! :swordfigh regard Dave (caps lock)