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  1. Harvestman

    No-sew pouches

    The fruits of today's labour. No-sew pouches. Take one old pair of cargo trousers that has an unrepairable hole. Cut carefully around all the pockets with the wife's fabric scissors. Result: two large popper - fastening pouches, two button fastening medium pouches, two small popper fastening...
  2. Harvestman

    Wildlife pictures

    Ja! That and the full yellow stripe down the cheek.
  3. Harvestman

    Wildlife pictures

    German wasp
  4. Harvestman

    Whats your favourite piece of winter clothing?

    I am another vote for the Swedish M90 parka. I have yet to be cold in mine.
  5. Harvestman

    Shenley Park Apple Day

    I love apple days, but have managed to miss all my local ones this year, apart from the one next weekend. I can spend fortunes buying apple varieties I have never heard of.
  6. Harvestman

    hammock with silver lining

    I've tried putting a silver foil blanket in a hammock, under a layer of insulation. I didn't get a condensation problem, but it was like sleeping in a crisp packet at the slightest movement.
  7. Harvestman

    Just popped some money for a Lavvu.

    Makes a lovely little tent, thought I have made some take-down poles for mine (an internal tripod) as it gives more space, but to be honest I use it more as a poncho. Wore it tonight for walking the dog along the canal after dark, as it was chucking it down. Works brilliantly.
  8. Harvestman

    Wildlife pictures

    That thing is so big I'm not sure it counts as a macro!
  9. Harvestman

    Wildlife pictures

    I've been away from the group for a bit, but here is my favourite picture from the summer. A beautiful male Fen Raft Spider, very rare (schedule 5 protected species) and the largest spider in Britain
  10. Harvestman

    Fresh water mussel find!

    As has been said, these big guys are Swan Mussels, and are pretty common. The culinary verdict on them seems to be "not worth the trouble unless you are starving".
  11. Harvestman

    The "What is this bug?" thread

    Nephrotoma appendiculata is the likely candidate, but I doubt you would get it to species without a specialised key.
  12. Harvestman

    The "What is this bug?" thread

    The first ones are solitary bees, which are beyond my skill. the last one on the forget-me-not is a Nomada bee-wasp, which is a nest parasite of solitary bees, laying eggs in their nests for its larve to feed on the bees and their food stores. Yours might be Nomada goodeniana, though I cannot be...
  13. Harvestman

    Ground ivy and violet ID?

    For violets a side view of the flower is best, so I can't say for certain but I suspect Common Dog Violet.
  14. Harvestman

    Ground ivy and violet ID?

    First is definitely ground ivy. Bugle has rounder, shinier leaves. Violets are more difficult.
  15. Harvestman


    Looks like a fracture to me. A sprain wouldn't produce that level of brusing and swelling. At least, that's what my doctor said two months ago when I busted my ankle and it swelled up and went purple.
  16. Harvestman

    Poncho - Tarp - Hammock

    As it happens I came across this yesterday
  17. Harvestman

    Poncho - Tarp - Hammock

    Fair point, but I like the versatility when you only want a short camp, such as a lunch break on a hike.
  18. Harvestman

    Poncho - Tarp - Hammock

    Very interesting. I was looking at seeing if I could get hammock usage from a Polish army poncho, since it is certaintly usable as a tarp (if an odd shape) and I like it as a poncho. So far all I achieved is tearing out an eyeley, but I think it will work if set right.
  19. Harvestman

    Campervan living

    This is just idle wondering, but after seeing a few posts about campervan conversions and personally coveting a camper van myself, I got to wondering how practical it is to live in a campervan all year round in the UK rather than a house. The appeal is of course the versatility and ability to...
  20. Harvestman

    Olive Oil on Axe Handle?

    The reason folk use linseed or walnut oils is it dries to a hard finish. Olive oil (and most food grade oils in fact) doesn't. I've also heard it said that olive oil can go rancid, though I've no personal experience of this. I had a play with as many different oils as i could get a while back...