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  1. sxmolloy

    For Sale Pocket sharpening kit, Victorinox

    I have for sale this little sharpening kit consisting of: A Victorinox sharpening stone as detailed here: A honing steel by Kent & Stowe I think. This was purchased from Dobbies Garden Centre. Both in good used condition I'd like £6 delivered for...
  2. sxmolloy

    For Sale DIY kit: Make your own double sided leather strop

    2 kits on offer, each are £5 delivered. Payment by bank transfer please. I've made quite a few strops (both paddle and bench) using this leather and it works very well. The leather is repurposed from my old sofa, the paddles are brand new wooden serving boards cut down by myself on a table...
  3. sxmolloy

    For Sale Karrimor SF Cold weather boots 9w BNIB

    For sale. Karrimor SF cold weather boots. Brand new with box. Size 9w. Brown Spare laces and insoles included. £55 delivered 2nd class recorded
  4. sxmolloy

    Sold Mors Kochanski - Bushcraft book

    For sale £15 delivered Mors Kochanski - Bushcraft outdoor skills and wilderness survival Good condition. Paper back. Payment by bank transfer please Listed elsewhere
  5. sxmolloy

    Sold Erebus. The story of a ship by Michael Palin

    I have for sale a hard back copy of the above title. I found this a fascinating read, Palin writes about the doomed Franklin expedition, the ships Erebus & Terror and artic explorer John Rae amongst other parts of the story of this extraordinary true adventure. The book is in great condition...
  6. sxmolloy

    Sold Fatal Passage. The story of Scotsman John Rae by Ken McGoogan

    For sale. Fatal Passage by Ken McGoogan. The story of John Rae the arctic adventurer who discovered the fate of the Franklin Expedition. Paperback edition. Very good condition. £3 delivered 2nd class
  7. sxmolloy

    Sold Into The Wild book. Chris McCandless

    Book for sale. Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. The story of Chris McCandless. Paperback edition. Great condition. £3 delivered 2nd class.
  8. sxmolloy

    For Sale Karrimor SF Cold/wet weather boots Sz 7w

    For sale. Karrimor SF cold/wet weather boots. Size 7w These have been worn a few times so show signs of very light wear Very good condition. £50 including 1st class post. Payment by bank transfer please Listed elsewhere
  9. sxmolloy

    For Sale 2 books John Rae Arctic Erebus

    For sale: Erebus - The story of a ship by Michael Palin in hardback Fatal Passage (John Rae) by Ken McGoogan in paperback I bought both books brand new and have read each one once They are in good read condition but please note the water marks on Erebus Great reads and related by John Rae, the...
  10. sxmolloy

    Sold The Hobbit & all 3 Lord of the Rings books

    Hi I've got the Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King all in paperback for sale. All books are in good, read condition, I bought them new from Waterstones over the last couple of years singularly so they are not a box set. £8 delivered, also listed...
  11. sxmolloy

    For Sale Czech army bedroll. Defective zip

    I’m sure we all know what these are now. According to Military Mart no more will be available soon. This one I have for sale is in good condition apart from the zip. There are teeth missing and the zipper is jammed. The label states 1998 As everything dettaches the 2 inner blankets can be used...
  12. sxmolloy

    Withdrawn Bear Grylls Hatchet

    For sale Bear Grylls Hatchet. Has had light use, never sharpened The hatchet head does show signs of use, see pics £35 delivered. Payment by bank transfer
  13. sxmolloy

    For Sale Ladies poncho in mustard

    I have this ladies poncho for sale. Brand new, never worn, tags still attached. Unwanted gift. £25 delivered. Payment by bank transfer preferred. Price tag reads £39
  14. sxmolloy

    For Sale Boys The North Face Warm Storm Jacket

    I have this boys jacket for sale in size extra large boys. Two tones of grey The jacket is brand new. Never worn, but the tags have been Removed. £52 delivered please. Paymeny by bank transfer preferred. Full details here...
  15. sxmolloy

    For Sale Kids Regatta zip off trousers age 5/6

    For sale. Kids Regatta zip off trousers. Age 5/6 (116cm height). Used but great condition. 2 hip pockets and 1 thigh pocket. Button fastening, no zip fly, elastic waist. Please see pics. £6 delivered Bank transfer preferred method of payment.
  16. sxmolloy

    Sold Kids Regatta Crossland Mid boot

    For sale. Used but good condition. Just added water repellent. Size 4 UK. EU 37 £7 delivered.
  17. sxmolloy

    Jetboil Zip / Ration packs

    Hi. Anyone know if you can fit ration packs in the Jetboil Zip cooking system? 0.8L pot/cup. Thanks
  18. sxmolloy

    Ray Mears Folding Bucksaw - NEW

    I have for sale the 'Ray Mears Folding Bucksaw'. This was bought for me as a gift but car and boiler troubles force a reluctant sale. I can post pictures later if needed. Everything is brand new, please see link
  19. sxmolloy

    Casio G-Shock watch (G-100)

    I have this watch for sale due to an upgrade. As you can see from the pictures it's been 'roughed up' on the case but it still works perfectly and the face is in great condition. £13 delivered. Payment by bank transfer.
  20. sxmolloy

    Kids Regatta 3 in 1 jacket

    I have for sale a kids Regatta 3 in 1 jacket. Good condition. Will wash in Nikwax Tech Wash and TX Direct before posting. Age 11-12. Fleece can be worn separately as can the outer waterproof jacket. Or the 2 can be combined to make a waterproof jacket with a fleece liner. £15 posted please...