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  1. Justin Time

    Zebra Kettle boiled dry, safe to use?

    :o I normally use a wee fire to boil my water when out and about, but thought I'd dig out a gas stove I haven't used for a long time. Stuck the kettle on and then got caught up in something else:nono: I know blokes shouldn't try to multitask and this just reinforces that. Anyway the kettle...
  2. Justin Time

    Burdock in a field that was sprayed a few years ago

    My patch includes lots of fields which have been left to go wild for at least the past 7 or 8 years. There's a great burdock patch in one of the fields, but a farmer sprayed and ploughed it three years ago to plant maize. The burdock has come back fine, but I've been unsure about using it in...
  3. Justin Time

    Roe Deer in South Wales

    Was out and about in my local patch on Friday, the first time in a long time because of all the work hours I'm putting in. As I sneaked along the forest edge, heard a bit of a rustle, expected to see a fox and up pops a Roe deer, doe, who looked at me with pretty much the same amount of surprise...
  4. Justin Time

    Call that a spoon?

    This is a spoon! Giant love spoon world record bid A 44ft (13.41m) love spoon being carved outside Cardiff Castle is due to be completed in the next few days. Ed Harrison from Pontsian, Ceredigion, is attempting to break the world record for the largest wooden spoon which currently...
  5. Justin Time

    What does do?

    I'm using an extension called NoScript in Firefox to manage whether or not a page can run Javascript. It tells me that the IP address is trying to run a script. Seems that ip belongs to which is see is your host. Do I lose anything by not letting this script run?
  6. Justin Time

    No Horizontal scroll bar

    When viewing this thread the picture width is greater than the space allowed on screen but there was no scroll bar at the bottom. I used the arrow key, so no great problem. I'm using Firefox 2 on XP. Cheers Andrew
  7. Justin Time


    Had a great few days out near St Davids in Pembrokeshire. Lots of Alexanders growing on the roadside hedgebanks but didn't pick any because of the likely pollution. The tall, flowering plants were easy to identify, were the low spreading plants with similar leaves and smell the first year...
  8. Justin Time

    Pouches, Bashas, blizzard bag, haversacks, Millbank etc

    In my quest to get the right sort of kit(s) over the years I bought a few things from eBay including some job lots of stuff sold by ex--military types. Now I need to raise some cash, make some space and admit to myself that some of this gear is never going to be used, or I'll never need doublers...
  9. Justin Time

    Passaround: Book; The Second Meadow

    Got this off eBay, good evening's read. The author, Archie Hill, spends three autumn months living in the forest on a large country estate, no contact with other humans. Brought with him a change of clothes, tent, billy can, some matches and a lighter, an air rifle, a bowie knife and a folder...
  10. Justin Time

    Competition for new-ish members

    Ok, here's a competition open to people who've joined BCUK in 2007 or have less than 50 posts at the time they answer the questions. You'll have to use tracking and foraging skills to find the info. I guarantee you'll find it all on BCUK, although not all of it is in the forums :naughty: . I...
  11. Justin Time

    and yet more books: Mountainman, Barry Davies, Survival etc

    :) :o :) First up: The SAS Encyclopaedia of Survival by Barry Davies. Chock full of info. Hardcover in very good condition with only the slightest wear on the bottom edge of the dust jacket. Bit more expensive to post because of it's size. so bargain at: £12 inc P&P SOLD :)...
  12. Justin Time

    Wild Gourmets

    Whilst checking out Guy Grieve on Amazon found that he is co-author, with Thomasina Miers, of a book called The Wild Gourmets which looks to be another essential book for the bushcrafter's library. Herte's what Amazon have to say: Great timing eh?published in Sept 07!
  13. Justin Time

    Sourdough.. accidental experimental archaeology?

    I think I've made Sourdough, in probably the same way as it was first discovered.... For last weekend's South Wales get-together I made loads of chapati mix (atta and water) since Nigel was making a chicken curry. Stuck it into an oiled freezer bag and then headed off to Aberdulais. Of...
  14. Justin Time

    1000km walk across Arctic Alaska

    Here's a link to a blog about a bloke who walked 600miles across Arctic Alaska. Started off with three of them, only one completed. They wanted to answer the question: The primary goals of the trek are thus 1. To complete the longest wilderness traverse in the U.S. by fair means, and...
  15. Justin Time

    Again with the books... Woodsmoke, Deep Survival, Eddie McGee,, 98.6 degrees

    I'm back again, still trying to keep the wolf from the door by selling more books. ALL SOLD THANKS :You_Rock_ First up: 98.6 Degrees The Art of keeping YOUR bottom ALIVE by Cody Lundin. "How to survive fear, panic and the bigest outdoor killers!" Cracking book, cartoons, irreverence, no...
  16. Justin Time

    S'more books, Practicing Primitive, Tom Brown, Davenport

    Here we go again with more books to raise some cash.... ALL SOLD THANKS ALL POSTED 14/3/07 Practicing Primitive: A Handbook of Aboriginal Skills by Steven M. Watts. Covers prehsitoric skills in making tools, weapons, shelter, weaving, cordage, fire, hunting and trapping, arts, bullroarers...
  17. Justin Time

    Carrying stuff..... Maxpedition, Rucksack, PLCE rocket pouches etc etc

    OK I'm getting into clearing stuff out.... First up is a Maxpedition Versipack Thermite I've had this for a few years but only used it a couple of times. I didn't like the noise the zip handles made when walking so replaced them with paracord. So you could say it's an improved version :)...
  18. Justin Time

    Fallkniven F1, Okapi

    In the quest to raise some cash here's some more knives since the books went so well. Firstly a Fallkniven F1, VG10 satin blade with Thermorun handle and Kydex sheath. It's been used and has a few marks but has been in the drawer for a couple of years. 'twas my first decent knife.... £40 inc...
  19. Justin Time

    Books..... some hard to get and collectable

    Got to make some cash so thinning out my collection: ALL SOLD THANKS Survival Poaching by Ragnar Benson. Dust jacket a bit battered, so £8 inc P&P SOLD Survival by Hunting by George Filson who is both archaeologist and Hunter so brings the hunting knowledge into it. Great...
  20. Justin Time

    Iisakki Jarvenpaa Tradional

    Iisakki Jarvenpaa traditional Lapland knife. Has not been used since I bought two, this one has been sat in the drawer and now needs to be released to fulfill it's destiny. £15 please including First Class Recorded delivery. Paypal or cheque please Click the image for full size picture...