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  1. chas brookes

    Wildlife pictures

    A really cool orchid from this mornings dog walk
  2. chas brookes

    For Sale Various: Exped Dry Bags, DC4, Axe Sheath

    DC4 please pm sent
  3. chas brookes

    Mora Eldris on Offer

    Hi this may be of interest to anyone after a Mora Eldris on offer only £18
  4. chas brookes

    Lars Falt book Outdoor Life in Summer

    More Bushcraft than survival
  5. chas brookes

    Lars Falt book Outdoor Life in Summer

    If this is the one I have a copy and it is a very informative book and well laid out
  6. chas brookes

    Moot 2020 Is it or is it not

    Sad news indeed Tony I know it will have been a sad decision to make. I am someone who falls in the vulnerable group and may have had to make the hard decision whether to attend or not. It will indeed be sad to miss the Bushmoot family gathering this summer, and I hope things improve and an...
  7. chas brookes

    BCUK 2020 Photograph Competition May Heat

    Butter wouldn't melt :)
  8. chas brookes

    Blind Man Leads Climb up Old Man of Hoy brilliant programme

    On BBC last night brilliant programme about a blind guy climbing Old Man of Hoy. Superb story and the filming of the Orkney scenery was outstanding
  9. chas brookes

    Selling all my leather craft tools

    meesage sent re book
  10. chas brookes

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    All yours Steve message me your address and will get in the post ;)
  11. chas brookes

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    on offer from me is a Victorinox Tinker used but good stock photo below but will add photo of actual knife tomorrow. Usual caveat over 18's only
  12. chas brookes

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    yes please to the Eldris
  13. chas brookes

    One Small Birch

    Nice collection of pieces from your piece of birch
  14. chas brookes

    Maybe you can help

    try scraping with an old bank/credit card they can remove old paint from hard surfaces quite well
  15. chas brookes

    SAK, accessories

    Have bought scales in the past here
  16. chas brookes

    OS Maps app, anyone else having problems with it recently?

    Hi the first two updates did not function fully now it appears that I have all the offline functions you mention. The version I have is
  17. chas brookes

    OS Maps app, anyone else having problems with it recently?

    I use android and had similar problems after they updated it, they have since reissued a new version. I was advised to uninstall and re install which seemed to cure the issues. Once my offline maps were reloaded there have been no further issues that I have found yet :):O_O:
  18. chas brookes

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 October Heat

    Tilley Serviced :campfire:
  19. chas brookes

    Wanted Scotch eyed auger

    link to the very man on BCUK click on his trade mark at top of posts will take you to his website
  20. chas brookes

    Wanted Scotch eyed auger

    Dave Budd should be able to help you out