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  1. Ratbag

    River Calder paddle, Wakefield

    A link to my blog of Sunday's West Yorks paddle, over on SoTP, for those that are interested: Cheers Rat
  2. Ratbag

    Cocoon Grid-it case for iPad

    Unwanted X-mas gift - I don't have an iPad! Cocoon case for iPad in black (Ref# CPG36BK), brand net. Has a pocket for the iPad and a grid system of elasticated straps to hold all your accessories. Also has a discreet corporate logo printed inside, which you'll have to ignore.... See...
  3. Ratbag

    A few knives, an axe and a kukri or two

    The following for sale. All prices include Paypal fees and UK postage. Thanks for looking. Rat Stainless steel blade, sold to me as an unbranded Mora blade. Blade has been slightly modified in shape at the spine and will need polishing up to remove toolmarks. Plus 4mm brass bar for pins, 6mm...
  4. Ratbag

    Bits and bobs of clothing

    Issue DPM field jacket with arctic hood. 190/107 I think £7 to cover UK postage and paypal Sold Olive green field jacket, hooded. Polycotton, double thickness at the shoulders and forearms. Size Large. Small (5mm) melt hole behind right shoulder but its double thickness there and it...
  5. Ratbag

    MOD-based beater

    First post as paid-up maker, so go easy please :) MOD knife re-handled in oak, brass pins and lanyard hole, leather sheath. Sturdy. Will benefit from a good sharpening. I'd like to re-coup the cost of the blade, and it's going to be heavy to post! So £26 paypal'd and posted in the UK...
  6. Ratbag

    RN diver-type watch

    Kronos RN divers-style watch, black metal, orange face, used black strap, new orange strap. Well used. Nigh-on indestructible. £12 paypal'd and posted in the UK, please. NOW SOLD, thanks Rat
  7. Ratbag

    The other A Wright & Sons knife...

    I noticed this the other day whilst perusing t'interweb Apparently made by A. Wright & Son Ltd in Sheffield. As a Sheffield lad, I'm always a bit confused as to why there aren't a greater number of decent Sheffield-made fixed-blade knives at affordable prices (I know about the fantastic...
  8. Ratbag

    A cracking axe....literally (couple of big pics)

    I bought myself a new axe last week: I'd been thinking about the Small Forest Axe for a while but I got to try one out recently and I felt it wouldn't be ideal as a two-handed axe for me (6'2" and 15 stone :D ) and a two-hander was what I wanted. So I decided to go with another axe - about 2lb...
  9. Ratbag

    Walnut and sambar stag knife

    I have for sale a fantastic knife made by Robevs. The blade is 3mm O1, about 3.5 inches long and the handle is sambar stag and walnut over white liners with brass pins. I bought it here (top knife in picture)...
  10. Ratbag

    Arktis Dancam waterproof smock

    I have for sale an Arktis waterproof smock in Dancam, size M. It's one of the group buy ones from last year. Worn a couple of times only, so very good condition. I'd like £60 please, inc UK postage and Paypal fees. SOLD Thanks for looking Rat
  11. Ratbag

    SA Trangia

    Stainless steel Swedish Army Trangia Bought from Magikelly (yes, it is magic) in one of his charity auctions, I've used it only a few times. Complete with fuel bottle, civilian Trangia burner and 58-patt kidney pouch to keep it all in. I'd like £23 please, inc UK postage and...
  12. Ratbag

    Spyderco bushcrafter

    I've just acquired this from Johnnieboy1971 here (bottom picture): At the same time that it showed up so did the wife's credit card statement, so it has to go (before I get attached to it...) I'd like £90 for it please, which is what...
  13. Ratbag

    Filson Mackinaw vest (waistcoat)

    I have for sale a Filson Mackinaw vest in forest green, size 44 (It really is 22" from armpit to armpit, before you ask). Excellent condition. Like this: I'm looking...
  14. Ratbag

    BCUK/Snugpack underblanket

    I have for sale a Snugpack/BCUK underblanket. Excellent condition, olive green. I'll have to find a stuffsack ... it might not be green :rolleyes: I would like £55 inc UK postage and paypal fees. NOW SOLD, THANKS Thanks for looking Rat
  15. Ratbag

    Canvas canoe pack

    I have a canvas canoe pack for sale. It was made by a SOTP member called 86inch, although I don't think he makes them any more. There is a picture of it here (top two pictures): Size is about 24" by 25"...
  16. Ratbag

    The great smock sale

    Where do they all come from? :D SASS-made SAS smock in tan. SPF Excellent condition. This is the long-staple cotton fabric that is pretty much Ventile in all but name. Currently out of stock at SASS. Size 107 - 112cm (chest) Standard features...
  17. Ratbag

    Wanted: Your SS tubing for my brass tubing

    Hi I've got some stainless corby bolts for a knife project and I'm after a lanyard tube to match. Has anyone got a length of stainless steel tubing in either 6mm or 8mm diameter which they might want to swap for the equivalent in brass? I'd be after a 5cm to 10 cm length. Cheers Rat
  18. Ratbag

    SS Swedish Army Trangia, night vision monocular, candle lantern

    Some other bits and bats I could do with moving on: Stainless steel Swedish Army Trangia Bought from Magikelly (yes, it is magic) in one of his charity auctions, I've used it only a few times. Complete with fuel bottle, civilian Trangia burner and 58-patt kidney pouch to keep it all in...
  19. Ratbag

    Sharps clearout

    My knife drawer in the garage is once again busting with sharps, so I have following offered for sale: EKA S11 4.5 inch blade in Sandvik 12c27 stainless, bubinga handle. Got this off here a while back. Sharpened the blade, oiled the handle, re-dyed the sheath. £30 please...
  20. Ratbag

    What I've been up to... (pic heavy)

    Having enjoyed looking at other people's projects so much, i thought it was time to put up some of mine. MOD This one is a rehandled MOD survival knife blade with a oak scales, 3 x 4mm brass pins and a brass lanyard tube. The sheath is 4mm leather dyed with Feiblngs dark brown oil dye...