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  1. sgtoutback

    For Sale Natural Leather Wax
  2. sgtoutback

    The Hárbarðr / Hrafn Casket

    they are stunning Gary. beautiful work.
  3. sgtoutback

    Merry Christmas all

    Merry Christmas folks!
  4. sgtoutback

    Traditional Hide Coracles

    That is amazing, thank you for sharing. Having seen the replica of the Brendan Voyage ship its well worth the visit to see the craftsmanship
  5. sgtoutback

    Starting a new job!

    Awesome news Congratulations John, sounds like it will be just right for you!
  6. sgtoutback

    Modified polish lavvu tent

    Excellent work.
  7. sgtoutback

    Canvas Bedroll

    A friend uses a hypalon groundsheet which is almost indestructible. But the cost for that stuff is stupid. Last season I used a thermarest ridgerest solite, but think this season I will make some thing like yours. Canada is pretty great for trips like that too. Even here in Nova Scotia we get...
  8. sgtoutback

    Canvas Bedroll

    I use a toboggan as soon as the snow is good enough. Used it for 4 weekend trips and one 8 day trip last year and I agree weight is less of an issue. It's the breathability and robustness to protect an air mattress etc.
  9. sgtoutback

    Canvas Bedroll

    Beautiful work. Might be perfect for winter camping here
  10. sgtoutback

    Canoes / kayaks - family recommendations?

    16ft prospector design. Works well for adults and kids and ours works with the dog too. Works on flat water and some reasonable white water depending on skill set. Make would depend on cash and weight. Ours is old town prospector but that fit the intersection of price vs performance that year
  11. sgtoutback


    Nice looking kydex work. Am tempted to try and make one for my axe
  12. sgtoutback

    Savotta Hawu 4 tent

    Thank you for the great review. I have been considering buying it and it has now moved up the priority list
  13. sgtoutback

    Regrets - The things you gave away or sold but wish you hadn't

    A toss up between an issue ventile arctic smock and a great canvas wall tent.... now that is probably the gold medal winner just there wish I could have that one and modify it into a hot tent for winter camping.
  14. sgtoutback

    Circa 1955 Scouts Soft Pack

    That is a nice pack. had a very similar one as my first outdoor pack as a teenager. never knew it was a scout pack. it was a pass on through my uncles. Mine had been modified with an axe loop. A soft pack like this made me really think about what I carried and how i packed it, helped no end...
  15. sgtoutback

    The Hárbarðr / Hrafn Casket

    That is pretty amazing. the metal work is stunning, thank you for sharing
  16. sgtoutback

    US M51 Wool Shirt

    The Canadian version is still very available over here. In many sizes.
  17. sgtoutback

    US M51 Wool Shirt

    they are great bits of kit, use mine frequently. excellent as a spring/fall bush shirt or around the fire
  18. sgtoutback

    SAD NEWS for the community...Lucky Lee has unfortunately passed. RIP

    very sad news. A true gent and craftsman, RIP Lee
  19. sgtoutback

    Trees of Scotland satchel.

    Stunning work as always. My better half is wondering would you think of doing a trees of Canada Satchel!
  20. sgtoutback

    A Garment - McCall's Pattern M5252

    Great work looks very well thought out