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  1. Juv2112

    Stoopid jokes

    I can't spell constapayshun but I can work it out with a pencil.
  2. Juv2112

    reproofing a crappy plastic tarp?

    Sorry I don't know the trade names but there is a substance that comes in tins for painting onto flat roofs to reproof them. I have seen it used on that tarp material and it was used to cover a homemade coracle. It worked so well that a local hardware store used a photo of it being paddled as an...
  3. Juv2112

    Drombeg site County Cork

    This is an interesting site I've visited twice previously, the first time was during a Foot and Mouth scare so it was closed off. I had to wait eight years for the first close-up look and was amazed by it. I have just returned from my last visit now some six years later and find myself still...
  4. Juv2112

    Windy in the Black Mountains.

    Thanks for sharing I enjoyed reading that nice pics too. I've yet to do any trips to the eastern Beacons must make the effort.
  5. Juv2112

    My first knife!

    Amazing! That looks really nice. I was totally fooled (doesn't take much effort) and wondered why it had no edge on the 3rd pic. :D Maybe a SFA next and he could one day have a bushy charm bracelet :lmao:
  6. Juv2112

    Marsh Grass & Zombie Mammals.

    When asked how to get rid of it we used to say it would be easier to move house! It isn't as bad as ground elder though. If you spray with glyphosphate it's a systemic herbicide so it's taken into the roots. You really need leaves for it to work properly and it will have to be repeated for some...
  7. Juv2112

    Marsh Grass & Zombie Mammals.

    Interesting, 'powerful drastic purge' I may skip that one :) Btw I think I found the grass, it looks like Purple top grass.
  8. Juv2112

    Marsh Grass & Zombie Mammals.

    Nice photos, not sure what the grass is but the flowering plant is Convolvulus (Bindweed) it's a gardeners nightmare. Don't know what it can be used for though.
  9. Juv2112

    inserting images

    I think it's about 10 to avoid the spambots. You should be there by now but you'll have to use a host site as only full members can upload directly from picture files.
  10. Juv2112

    Sleeping bag opinions please

    I recently had my first night under a tarp and the other guys were talking in the morning about sleeping ON their bags. I was in my MH Lamina 20, in a bivvy bag, wearing trousers and a t-shirt. But I was as comfortable as them. Wish I slept warm because I could save weight and money. I think you...
  11. Juv2112

    Wooden Bowl

    Very nice, grain looks really good. Good job do you sell these?
  12. Juv2112

    Sleeping bag opinions please

    I didn't mention I do sleep very cold. How do you sleep that bag may do you for 2/3 seasons with some supplementary cover or clothes.
  13. Juv2112

    Sleeping bag opinions please

    You must sleep warm that would be a summer bag for me.
  14. Juv2112

    How did you choose your bushcraft name

    Haha This made me laugh
  15. Juv2112

    New Bear Grylls franchise?

    Haha He did that incase he got desperate for water. He must have walked 100 yards and thought meh....
  16. Juv2112

    New Bear Grylls franchise?

    Or drink his refreshments out of a snake skin.
  17. Juv2112

    How did you choose your bushcraft name

    My name's Justin Vincent that's where JuV comes from and I'm a big Rush fan mostly their early stuff hence 2112. And I too would never introduce my wife as Mrs Swallow :)
  18. Juv2112

    New Bear Grylls franchise?

    I'm sure if Bear Grylls was selling burgers it would be whilst hanging off a helicopter's skid
  19. Juv2112

    Meth bottles

    If you mean small amounts I use my old e-cig juice bottles 30 ml each, good for boiling 500ml of water.
  20. Juv2112

    Best place to get round wood timber

    Try a firewood forum (yes there are some) some people on them cut coppiced woodland and there should be someone not too far from you. It is their business though so you will have to pay. Hope this helps it sounds an interesting project.