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  1. Cobweb

    Bushmoot 2015

    I've already popped it into my diary and saving shall commence! :rolleyes:
  2. Cobweb

    Little bit of glass knapping for the first time

    Wow, love the last photo! Very dramatic :D I would love to get into knapping again, I did the lords course at the moot a few years ago and after a few goes at home, didn't really do much I'm sad to say I couldn't find a good source of flint but I think my recycling bin may be raided in the near...
  3. Cobweb

    Bimble in the Woods with the dog.

    It was a lovely walk, a bit of a shame about the weather, me being Ginger 😄 but it was a good morning 😁 Sent from the back of beyond.
  4. Cobweb

    Bimble in the Woods with the dog.

    Hi ho, hi ho it's off to the woods we go! Pandora and I went out for the morning today, it was a definitely hot experience and we met quite a few other people on the trail, we normally don't meet anyone! Well, Pan had to stay on the lead for most of the time, but she was still tired out and is...
  5. Cobweb

    Walking for weight loss

    Good luck, after I got my dog and with all the walking I have been doing because of it, I've lost 5lbs :) Keep going, through the puff and the pain, you will be fine and look back in a years time and see how far you have come. Well done for starting, it's the hardest part :)
  6. Cobweb

    TIP: Packing clothes using a minimal amount of space

    Oooh, I like it! Thanks Dave! :D
  7. Cobweb

    Not yet half past ten yet this heat is brutal

    Being a ginger ninja, this weather is like garlic to vampires for me... I'd rather be in the shade of a tree than the garden!
  8. Cobweb

    TIP: Packing clothes using a minimal amount of space

    Came across this guide while mooching about on ye olde tinterwebs & thought it might be of use to those who hate taking clothes 'cos they take up too much space! Edit... larger image...
  9. Cobweb

    Puzzled by a imperial tape measure

    Ahh mebbe not that then... Hmmn... Sent from the back of beyond.
  10. Cobweb

    Puzzled by a imperial tape measure

    Seems like 'hands' which are used to measure the height of horses.
  11. Cobweb

    What did you buy today?

    A daypack from amazon, nowt special but I've needed one for ages :D
  12. Cobweb

    weaving with Flag Iris or pendulous sedge

    We have a fair bit of the Iris ground around our neck of the woods, I was wondering, just how much roughy would you need for a decent sized gathering basket as I would love to make one :D
  13. Cobweb

    How can I attach a wire rope to my cooking tin please?

    Oooh, love it, don't have a current need for something like that, but it's going in the memory bank for when I do! :22:
  14. Cobweb

    I have found myself again.

    Both Tim, well such is the life of a wave slave lol!
  15. Cobweb

    An unexpected view!

    Thanks, yup its pretty close, about 5 miles away :)
  16. Cobweb

    An unexpected view!
  17. Cobweb

    Folding Firebox

    Has anyone got a Folding Firebox they don't want and would like to sell? I would love to get one with the extra sticks, grill plate and cordora bag, but if not then no worries :)
  18. Cobweb

    Ventile Poncho

    I know in resurrecting a pretty dead thread, but I was thinking about getting one of these ponchos, I'm only 5'4" I was wondering if it's going to be a little too long?
  19. Cobweb

    I have found myself again.

    Wish I could 'moot' but not this year unfortunately :(
  20. Cobweb

    I have found myself again.

    Thanks to you all for your kind words and support, I have missed you all very much ☺