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  1. mowerman

    Regular Mid-Wales Meet up?

    That would be great. Does anyone know of any good spots where we can camp?
  2. mowerman

    Bryneglwys free camping.

    Wow, this sounds like an amazing offer. I would like to come and have a night or 2 please if that is still possible? Kind regards Jimmy
  3. mowerman

    Planning France Canoe Trip Help

    Why not save yourself some time and money and canoe the river wye in England? Great scenery, campsites, B&B's and pubs all along the route. Take your own canoe or hire one. A great 5 day itinerary is Glasbury to Ross on wye
  4. mowerman

    Learn to use and maintain a chainsaw?

    This guy gets a big thumbs up from me. I did a weeks training course with him on a private estate with a small group of people. We had plenty of open and frank discussions, lots of examination of kit, and a pretty good time all in all. He went through everything in a straightforward and...
  5. mowerman

    Is a leatherman skeletool legal carry?

    I'm always fascinated by this knife law. I work for a tree surgeon in the winter, mainly as ground crew but with the occasional ascent. I take a bag to work that includes a silky pull saw, chainsaw boots, gloves, helmet, spare socks and a 4 inch lock knife that is used for cutting / splicing...
  6. mowerman

    I have a YouTube channel.

  7. mowerman

    Bad weather camp, tarp shelter

    Great video, I've subscribed
  8. mowerman

    For the well equipped bushcrafter

    Lol, I saw this article on my news feed. I will bet that you will never see anyone with one of these bags, no matter how "fashionable" they are!
  9. mowerman

    cabin near a lake/stream wanted

    I will follow this thread with interest
  10. mowerman

    Something to think about in the New year; GIS

    I discovered these on the Shropshire Council website a couple of years ago when I started to do a lot of walking. There are about a dozen overlays etc of different things but I find the public rights of way very interesting. I often use it to scout out potential woodland, anything with a...
  11. mowerman

    Choosing a saw

    Hi, like the others have said, I've done the messing about and ended up with a bacho laplander. It's a good saw and a good size. Cost me less than £20 delivered and I've had it for 2 years without any problems. However I have used silky saws at work and I would like to try a silky pocket boy to...
  12. mowerman

    Regular Mid-Wales Meet up?

    Well that has stopped me in my tracks. I could do with some buddies to head out and about with around Shropshire and mid Wales
  13. mowerman

    Regular Mid-Wales Meet up?

    Just looked at the map. I'm over in clun quite often which is pretty close to kerry. Do you have a meets page ? Thanks in advance, Jimmy
  14. mowerman

    Regular Mid-Wales Meet up?

    Hi mate, I'm over the border in Shropshire, not to far from ludlow. I could always do with a bit of encouragement to get out and about. I will follow this thread with interest.
  15. mowerman

    Hammock under blanket/quilt, are they any good?

    Great question, I will follow this thread with interest. I've got a dd xl hammock and I too can't get on with a sleep mat and have wondered about investing in and under blanket. I just think that by the time I've loaded up my rucksack with hammock, under blanket, tarp, sleeping bag and extra...
  16. mowerman

    Awesome youtube channels

    Oh, and prepared camping. He does loads of different stuff and has a great presenting style
  17. mowerman

    Awesome youtube channels

    I came across black country Woodsman the other week. He hasn't got a lot of videos on YouTube yet but the production is fantastic and so is his attitude. You can just see how happy he is to be out in any kind of weather or for any length of time. There is always a brew on some kind of stove or...
  18. mowerman

    Trouble sleeping.

    I could write 20 pages on sleep problems. Stress, headaches and heartburn and anxiety all cause me problems. However if I can get a night out camping or even better a day kayaking and a night camping then all these problems seem to go away. I think that in our modern lives we are busy doing...
  19. mowerman

    While in the woods today ...

    I have grown a beard because I am 100% certain that it will enhance my bushcrafting skills and expertise.
  20. mowerman

    Trousers (warmish)

    Hi there, I work outside and the trousers I wear in winter for general tasks are dickies lined trousers for general wear. They are fairly robust and very warm and although you don't get wet in light rain they aren't exactly waterproof when walking through wet grass etc. When I'm having to wade...