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  1. Chainsaw

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    Manufacturing companies make... money... Tax to pay for all things the government needs, NHS staff, new ventilators, pensions.... We are all to some extent key members of the workforce. The gov't knows that manufacturing is still going on and you were told you could travel to and from work (if...
  2. Chainsaw

    Aldi Table Saw

    I did a search for workzone table saw manual and found a manual on a website called manualslib. It may or may not be the same saw and it may or may not have good instructions on how to set it up but the manuals I have for other stuff was pretty good. HTH Alan
  3. Chainsaw

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    WG you would do well to run with the premise that everything politicians say is a lie distorted truth, you won't be often disappointed
  4. Chainsaw

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    I think they are weighing up the panic or issues a lockdown will create against 'managing' the outbreak and the issues that would create. Money is and probably should be the no 1 issue. and when we say money we mean the impact to the economy. This pays for the NHS, state pensions, flood...
  5. Chainsaw

    MS Bushcrafter

    Yeah you did Mick, about 2008/2009 something like that. Was before you started marking them with B's although got a mini with a B on too for my archery knife. Think I miss your stuff and Stu Barkers stuff the most, you were the two guys who most inspired me to try and do some handling of...
  6. Chainsaw

    Canvas packs?

    Looks fine to me! I prefer the nessmuk or Cliff Jacobson but you pays your money... ;)
  7. Chainsaw

    Need advice quickly

    There should be no issues drinking from the tap, the OP was talking about drinking from sources outdoors. Bit of a zombie resurrection fella
  8. Chainsaw

    MS Bushcrafter

    My most used bushy style knives, love them, not too thick, not too thin, just right! ;)
  9. Chainsaw

    Canvas packs?

    I have a few... Bit of a fan of canvas.. Jings just realized they are not all there.... Anyways; Why you should: They look cool especially in a canoe ;) They are pretty much indestructible, very repairable and modifiable and should last a very very long time. Fairly weather proof...
  10. Chainsaw

    Canoes / kayaks - family recommendations?

    Ally canoes get a good rep
  11. Chainsaw

    Are lifetime batteries any good?

    My wife has had one of these and had her battery done 3 times. They are expecting to be lured in and then lose the receipt etc but they underestimated her innate eye for a bargain. Her battery lasts about 3 years or so. Depends on battery life and how determined you are to get your moneys worth.
  12. Chainsaw

    D-ring for sheath dangler?

    +1 for Broch's post. However I've successfully retrofitted one by cutting it on the flat of the D with a dremel and circular cutting disk. As Broch says it was a bu99er to bend it open and closed but it was pretty strong and it didn't seem in any danger of giving way.
  13. Chainsaw

    Song of the Paddle forum.....

    Hi All, We have moved the forum over to Tapatalk and all your accounts should have been transferred. You will probably have to set up a tapatalk account first if you don't have one then log in as normal. The tapatalk account is a necessary evil but you do it the first time, tell it not to...
  14. Chainsaw

    General travel bags - rucksack with wheels.

    For ski trips, as things tend to be bulky but not heavy, I use the UK deployment bags. It is about 90-100L and has rucksack straps but no wheels. For shorter trips I just hand carry it or sling one strap over my shoulder. I love these bags, I have about 3 now one having died due to bad...
  15. Chainsaw

    Planning Why camp at that time of year?

    Much less people around up here on the lochs etc. Colours are ace. We tend only to have heavyish sleeping bags up here as it's never really warm enough for a winter bag. In winter I layer up in a tent or hammock, bag plus bivvy bag, never really been cold despite frost and snow at times...
  16. Chainsaw

    Air rifle and archery space need?

    Archery GB have a facilities guide here. Note it's a 40 page doc covering everything from custom built facilities to rugby pitches but does show dimensions etc. (hint go to page 38 ;) ) it's a good read and well worth getting familiar with if being responsible for something.
  17. Chainsaw

    Rockstead knives imports

    This bit sound a little dodgy too, not sure what you mean by this but I would be very sure a site I was going to buy a rockstead from was 100% legit and well known. Also dealing direct through emails means that if I had subverted a website then those emails could be redirected to anyone. Buyer...
  18. Chainsaw

    Knife disaster

    I know that feeling, it's the worst! Luckily mine turned up, had slipped under the back seat of the truck.... I'm really liking Mark Jacobs stuff of late (mark.177 of this parish) Also think about if a woody is what you want, I moved over to a Canadian Belt Knife and don't reach for my woody...
  19. Chainsaw

    BLO and lacquer?

    renaissance wax
  20. Chainsaw

    BLO and lacquer?

    I'm with Mr Claycomb, with danish oil you can put it on a buff it up until it's supershiny and slippy. I did this to a couple of knife handles before taking them back again as they were too slippy to use safely!! lay it on, let it dry, buff with 1000/1500 grit, lay it on let it dry, buff with...