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    Sold Keela Munro Heritage Jacket large

    As per title, this is the all green version of the jacket as used by mountain rescue teams due to its durability etc. I wore it for a total of 30 mins in the woods but I really need a medium due to recent weight loss. The internal waist skirt is included and it’s in pretty much as new...
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    Bushcraft podcasts

    Definitely the best
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    Tactic-9 Gorka Mountain jacket

    My pal has one and his main gripe was that it has no zip, only buttons, up the front, if that bothers you...
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    Choose a camera for me - lazy man's guide to cameras!

    I’d suggest a Panasonic LUMIX, based on what I use now in preference to a DSLR. The TZ70 is about 230 quid, compact and fantastic. I’ve just seen they do a TZ57 which is similar and is under 200 in the electrical shop that sounds like an Indian meal. If you want bridge, the FZ range is worth a...
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    Show some of your own hand tied flies.

    I love tying flies. Haven’t done any for a long time now, nor any fishing for that matter but I’m rather partial to a bit of evening dry fly and stealthy nymphing on quiet secluded lakes. I’ve been wanting to tie again and plan on doing some north country spiders and a bit of small stream...
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    For Sale Handmade shoulder / Messenger bag 1000D Cordura

    That’s awesome. I’m disappointed that I don’t need and cannot justify another messenger style bag!
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    Buffalo shirt/hood question

    I’ve had my old Survival Aids branded Buffalo for over 30 years and despite trying repeatedly to get the hood to work it remains as good as new in the box of retired kit, unlike the smock which is battered but going strong. I’d buy another tomorrow, but I’d be getting a Montane hood like DocG...
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    Sold Ben Orford small spoon knife *LEFT HANDED*

    Thank you guys, PMs replied to. Now sold.
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    Sold Ben Orford small spoon knife *LEFT HANDED*

    It’s the right hand edge as you look at the photo. To use the knife right handed you would indeed need to use a push cut
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    Sold Ben Orford small spoon knife *LEFT HANDED*

    as per title, I bought this in error thinking I needed one for each hand! As such it is unused and as new, although I’ve lost the strip of leather the blade came wrapped in. £30 to your door including PayPal fees
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    The 'I've found a bargain' thread

    Aren’t the ethics about live plucking of the birds aswell? But like you say petro, If it isn’t specifically stated then it won’t be, wherever the practise!
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    Polyester baselayer

    Yep a lot of Patagonia synthetics are recycled from pop bottles etc and I just like their ethics. I find I always have to go at least a size down in their stuff but taking that into account it’s a decent fit. The website has a size calculator where you put your dims in AND state your preferred...
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    Polyester baselayer

    Purely based on the ones I own... Patagonia Capilene and Marmot Driclime, both in different warmth/weights and neck styles. I’ve also got a Brynje mesh layer in Meraklon fabric- not sure if that’s polyester but it is synthetic. None of the above will necessarily fit the ‘cheap’ requirement...
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    Hare Today .........

    That’s amazing mate. I’ve got a real soft spot for anything ‘gazing hare’ but that’s next level
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    Insomniacs unite....

    Have you read about 5HTP / Griffonia? I randomly came across it on eBay and read about it in bodybuilding forums and it sounded appealing enough to try during a period when I was struggling to sleep. It could be coincidence but I seemed to get to sleep really easily and stay asleep all night...
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    Thanks Janne, I did wonder as I’d had to keep my mouth open for a long time during the procedure. The tooth has never felt quite ‘right’. I get some ache in it when stressed at work or on long motorway drives for example. If I give my ear a good poke often the jaw on that side will ‘crack’ and...
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    Janne, are you aware of a link between fillings (lower molar) and sinusitis? I had sinusitis for years, couldn’t shift it. I had a filling replaced and the sinusitis just ‘whooshed’ out of my head during the procedure when the tooth was drilled back to ‘good’ material. I think the resin had...
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    Wanted Bushcraft Knife - what have you for sale

    I have a green micarta Casstrom No.10 that’s nearly new if you’re interested?
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    Fuel Bottle Woes

    Another vote for the Trangia bottle from me..