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    What's your favourite Army Surplus Bag?

    Thanks for the direction - I finally got round to this today. Used graphite RIT DyeMore. I'm really pleased with the results. Jet black with just a hint of the DPM underneath. Even the plastic buckles and hooks turned black
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    I haz Garberg!

    Top right in that last photo. is that a Fossil?
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    Copper worry/pocket coins

    These are lovely. How do you make them?
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    Briefing Portfolio/ Document pouch?

    Following with interest, I've been looking for a maxpedition quality a4 folder for some time - the usual plastic or faux leathers ones don't last more than a couple of months in a fully loaded kit bag.
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    Carving set

    I recently fancied a go at wood carving and after some research purchased the flex cut beginners set of pelicans and the beginners palm set, I'm very happy with it, although I'm still learning i've made some nice pieces
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    Photographing Foxes - Tips?

    Come and sit in my kitchen, every night we have at least 3 foxes on the shared lawn out front - my wife is scared they'll eat our dog! between them they usually have 4-5 cubs each year, its a pain coming home in the early hours as they are usually play fighting in the middle of the road and...
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    Mid range bushcraft knife

    I'm very pleased with my Cudeman Bushcraft IIRC it was about £50
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    little spoon gouge

    Mine needs a quick sharpen, got to finish the handle first though :)
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    little spoon gouge

    I've ordered one too! Just need to make a handle now :)
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    What's your favourite Army Surplus Bag?

    Thats looks really nice, exactly what i've been looking for, but in khaki or brown
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    What's your favourite Army Surplus Bag?

    Thats great, thanks. I know some fabrics won't take the dye
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    What's your favourite Army Surplus Bag?

    Has anyone tried dying the field pack? I was thinking black? would be cool if the DPM showed through
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    Brades Criterion No 2

    Hello I've been lurking here for a while, mainly looking at Hobo stove threads :) My dad gave me an old axe he found it the shed today- It used to belong to my grandfather. Under the light rust I saw that it is a Brades Criterion number 2. It will clean up nicely and the handle is in great...