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  1. Arya

    Arya exploring her new neighborhood. Norway.

    It is a lovely country for outdoors people, so I hope you get the chance :)
  2. Arya

    BcUK Photograph of 2018 Competition July Heat

    Sommerfugl by Lykketrollet, on Flickr
  3. Arya

    Lofoten Islands, Norway

    Thank you for the tip! I'll keep that name in mind. Maybe I can order it if they don't sell it at the local liquor store.
  4. Arya

    Lofoten Islands, Norway

    Wow, you haven't had mussel soup before? You are in for a treat! You can cook it different ways, depending on what you like, but my favourite is the creamy one with white wine and garlic. You make a stock from mussels, garlic, onions and white wine. Fry the onion and garlic in some butter or...
  5. Arya

    Looking for photos of sheep and goats.

    No, I didn't mean that your antelopes were off topic. I meant that my comment was off topic, but I couldn't resist :)
  6. Arya

    Lofoten Islands, Norway

    Aaaaaah, now you make me want to make mussel soup! Haven't had that for a very long time now.
  7. Arya

    Looking for photos of sheep and goats.

    OT, but that's a really nice collection of photos!
  8. Arya

    Bushcraft Norway -Tips Needed-

    Someone said my name? First of all, I think it's great that you want to visit Norway and explore it by foot! I hope you get the time of your life :) Second, I agree with the others here. March-April are fickle, unpredictable months. If you really want to go these months you should consider...
  9. Arya

    Great Bank Holiday weekend.

    Wow, what a camp! Did you manage to take it down and go home again without crying? I think I could live there.
  10. Arya

    Arya exploring her new neighborhood. Norway.

    I'll get you some Fatwood [emoji4] You can test it for me to see what you think of the quality. Does that sound ok? Sent fra min SM-G390F via Tapatalk
  11. Arya

    What excites you about spring arriving?

    Being able to walk out the door without preparing and getting dressed like I'm going on an expedition, every time, every day! Not having to shovel snow and chop ice with an axe from frozen water troughs. Next year I'm definitely having heated troughs! And bumblebees :) Especially bumblebees!
  12. Arya

    BcUK Photograph of 2018 Competition April Heat

    Wow, you took that with your phone? Phones sure aren't what they used to be :) Can you manually control the shutter time on your phone?
  13. Arya

    Brave BBC

    Yes, it's astonishing what medium level of alcohol can do to help increase the general population :roflmao:
  14. Arya

    Brave BBC

    I remember one of my uncles (who's Swedish) making jokes about raggare when I was a kid. His favourite raggare "pick-up line" was: "Ser du månefan på himlahelvete, brudjävel?" :D Very romantic...
  15. Arya

    Deer Hunt in New Zealand

    Congratulations! Great write-up, and thanks for sharing! :D
  16. Arya

    Anvil, finally found one!

    I'm envious!! Congratulations! I could only afford the small tripod version of anvil, but I would love one of these. Even if it's mostly just for shaping horse shoes.
  17. Arya

    Restoring an old axe

    From what I've heard Sandvik and Bacho eventually fused, and their axes were made by the same factory in Germany. So today, you will get an axe that says Bacho instead of Sandvik. Is that correct? It confuses me a bit since you can still get Sandvik saws... But maybe they just fused the axe...
  18. Arya

    Arya exploring her new neighborhood. Norway.

    Yeah, I'm not sure I agree with you about us Norgies :laugh: But I guess most of us are ok. Nobody's perfect, and all that. Stavanger is a lovely city! Spent a lot of time there as a kid.
  19. Arya

    Arya exploring her new neighborhood. Norway.

    Thank you for that! I'm glad you liked it over here, and that the people were nice :) Sometimes you can be really unlucky and meet some bitter and angry people here, haha! Where did you stay in Norway?
  20. Arya

    Arya exploring her new neighborhood. Norway.

    Thank you!