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    London Meet 37.

    Any friday in September is good.
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    Meeting new friends, Northern Norway

    Hei Hei and welcomes... I've always wanted to visit northern norway, spent way too much time in the south half!
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    London meet up 35

    will be there around 6/6:30 :)
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    Word association game

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    Is a leatherman skeletool legal carry?

    I've been stopped once, in the last 40 years. I had an EDC and Multitool in my bag, along with other tools (wirecutters/screwdrivers) as I worked in a datacenter, so they was part of the job tools... neither was taken from me, as I was upfront about having them, had them in a secured inside...
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    Word association game

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    Modellers Corner

    I use Vallejo Primers for my models... (warhammer and wwx.) Covers the metal ones or plastic ones for the acrylic paints.
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    Ebook readers

    Yeah, mines had it from the start, just displays an ad (currently mine shows 25% off covers,) but does also show books and what nots.
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    Word association game

    dark side
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    Word association game

    Red necks
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    Ebook readers

    I have a kindle (not the paperwhite one) its lovely, but I should get a paperwhite one just for the back light!
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    Loving the Joker no74 but is it carbon steel?

    Sure its the carbon steel model? I've got their stainless steel one, which is lovely and holds its edge well.
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    Sold Optimus 8r Stove

    Darn i'm too slow! Good Catch...
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    TentMeals - High Energy Health

    I've had the TentMeals porridge ones.. they are wonderful... think it was the mixed berries and seeds one (found link!!) Will be getting more this year for camping with the kids! Only...
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    Ration Packs

    Wonderful things! (best in the world) HTH, Dan
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    London meet up 35

    If I remember, I will be there... This year I am getting out more!
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    Question about 3D printing

    Wow.. i didnt know there was so many different types of filament! 3D printer is pretty much a, if you can think (and design it), then it will do it.. I've only have very basic things printed so far (mostly work related things, like cable management clips) I saw the 3d printed matchbox that...
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    1 Person Tent Recommendations

    MSR Elixir is a pretty nice tent, its a bit heavy at 1.8kg tho. Still, I have the 2 man, and did me hiking Oz last year.
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    Question about 3D printing

    From what I've seen/found. Once the filament (the Ink for the 3D printer) has been used, it has a lower thermal resistance than before use. With most having a melting range of 140c to 180c, so would be fine in boiling water, like most plastics, but would melt over a naked flame. If you want to...
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    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    A sad day then.