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  1. grumit

    Catapult for Hunting

    I have several catapults from the pro Diablo black widow to a couple of gzk titanium’s Aswell as a couple of other flat band catapults with quick clip bands both in ott (over the top) and TTf (through the folks) had a couple of wasp uniphox which can be banded either way they are cheap worth...
  2. grumit

    Overseas Just doing it !

    My daughter was in Spain for part of her degree visited her twice she was near Madrid so based ourselves there and visited nearby towns especially teledo
  3. grumit

    Airguns (Hope it's not taboo)??

    Very nice collection I have a bsa 240 magnum pistol a Wembley hurricane and just brought an air arms s510 for ratting with a friend but I really fancy a Walt her rm8 varmint cp
  4. grumit

    Regrets - The things you gave away or sold but wish you hadn't

    Miss my old mil bro sling shot first thing I ever shot still chuckle to this day thinking of the dent in the music teachers ford Capri wing shouldn’t have slippered me
  5. grumit

    Beach bum has passed away.

    Very sad RIP
  6. grumit

    Tengus 10 Thousandth post competition

    A younger version of yourself
  7. grumit

    Custom Catapult

    Horrible post it to me so I can get rid of it for you lol it’s green what’s not to like clamp system looks very clever
  8. grumit

    A Nessmuk style knife

    That I like looks very smooth
  9. grumit

    SAD NEWS for the community...Lucky Lee has unfortunately passed. RIP

    Very sad news felt with lee a while ago when he made me a one off sheath such a nice guy to deal with RIP lucky lee
  10. grumit

    Which Woody Blade Blank?

    Worth the subscription to get the blank required
  11. grumit

    Which Woody Blade Blank?

    You could pop over to edge matters and ask sure you will get a costum made blank by any of the already mentioned maker or several others most of the bb boys are there
  12. grumit


    I had an Hawke opticron monuculor which was not that exspensive but clarity was awesome
  13. grumit

    recommend me a starter all in one knife

    As has been said go with a mora cheap but good also worth a look is the cold steel Canadian belt knife I have one in my fishing tackle bag love it
  14. grumit

    Becky fall's and moor Devon tor's

    Nice visited Becky fall just before I got married final trip as a single lad awesome place nice pics
  15. grumit

    Getting rope clean

    Washing machine low heat no powder is how I always washed my work ropes
  16. grumit

    New Hat

    That is a work of art
  17. grumit

    So what was in your Christmas stocking?

    Barbour jacket from my fishing buddy (he had it in his wardrobe for years never wore it ) told him a story about how my wife's auntie washed mine when she stayed with us some years ago-pair of buffalo mittens from wife plus santuko kitchen knife new flat cap from daughter
  18. grumit

    Photograph theme ideas

    Afloat Wild edibles Full moon Food on the fire Patterns in nature
  19. grumit

    For Sale A few bits and bobs

    What size are the mitts and how much