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    Nimblewill stove as base for Kelly Kettle?

    I am thinking of making a "Nimblewill" folding hobo stove and in order to make it compatable with my other equipment I would like to be able to use it as a base for a one pint Kelly Kettle. Anybody tried the original or Scoops' modified stove as a Kelly base. It would save my little brain is...
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    Pole (tipi?) Lidl

    Ireland. Lidl are selling this pole which I have found good for one-pole tipis.12 euros. It is way stronger than any other pole I have found. It is heavy though so only for car or open canoe camping.
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    Angler's Bivvy as shelter?

    I'm thinking of getting a "Carp bivvy" as I do a lot of canoe/kayak camping where there are few trees. Weght isen't an issue. What do you think of these? Im hoping to have a fire outside the bivvy.
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    Irish TV. Ray mears sunday afternoon

    RTW 2 Ray Mears' Bushcraft double bill. Amazon and Hadza Africa. 1;35 Sunday
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    Lofty Wiseman DVD Anybody know anything about a survival DVD from Lofty Wiseman? "Trueways Survival School is pleased to announce 'the definitive guide to survival skills' on DVD for 2007"
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    Japanese hand saw - Lidl

    I havent a clue what a "Japanese hand saw" is but they are on sale in Lidl Ireland for euro 13. Are these any good for bushcraft?
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    British army to sell surplus online

    I heard a report on BBC radio this morning that the British Army are to sell their surplus stock online. Anybody know anything about this? It might mean cheaper stuff for us if they are selling individual items direct - cut out the middle men.
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    Leaves instead of tinfoil?

    What leaves can you use instead of aluminium foil for cooking? Can you use doc leaves, for example, to wrap fish in?
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    Tripod and pot euro 33

    Just saw something on ebay that might interest some of you. A tripod and 10L (2 gal) pot. Its on the German ebay site "buy it now" euro 33. They don't take paypal apparently, so you have to pay by bank transfer...
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    Aldi- spotting scope "25

    Aldi have a spotting scope for sale on sunday for £25. 20-60x zoom Also they have some animal reference books, bird table, nest boxes.
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    Lavvu - "tipi" Kultalavvu. REVIEW

    I got a Lavvu (KULTALAVVU normal price Euro 258) on ebay from these people: {top of page click on KULTALAVVU & more} I was pretty lucky at bidding and got it for about Euro 165, including postage to Ireland. I have been trying to get one on ebay for the past year but...
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    Night Vision scope Lidl

    Lidl in Ireland have a Night Vision scope for euro 160. I'd be wary of buying optical stuff from Lidl; I've seen some of their binoculars and they werent any good but you never know!
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    Ray mears Extreme survival, BBC 2 sunday 24th

    Ray Mears is on tonight 9:30 bbc 2. Extreme survival - Sahara
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    Lidl Trangia and other gear

    Lidl in Ireland have some outdoor gear for sale on monday. I don't know if its available in Britain as the website is postcode dependent. Of interest are "trangia", telescope, binoculars, shoes, head torch, trekking poles,gaitors, rucksack,watch with compass,tent. They also have a digital...
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    wood stove - battery. on Ebay

    Just found this on Ebay. From America, unfortunately. "The WoodGas campstove includes a unique two-stage combustion chamber which...
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    Tipis and tipi fires at public campsites?

    How would public campsites react to tipis? Are they paranoid about new age travellers? And more especially how do they react to fires and stoves in tipis? I was hoping to use a small fire contained in a small BBQ grill. It isn’t exactly discrete especially at night when the whole tipi glows...
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    Bbc 4

    Not sure if this will be of interest you anybody here. BBC 4 tv. 10 pm . today Montana Cowboys "Over three days, Tom helps drive three hundred horses across thousands of acres of rugged terrain, in and out of towns, across an interstate highway and up over a 40-foot cliff to home. It's an...
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    Lidl saws

    Lidl in Ireland (and presumably Britain) are selling folding saws for 5 euros. These are great saws at the price. Thay also have a non folding saw with a 30cm blade for 7 euros.
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    Opinel Stainless?

    I really like Opinel knives unbeatable at the price. How do the stainless steel (inox) Opinel knives compare to the carbon blades? I would be using it around water a lot hence the reluctance to use a carbon knife.
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    Sleeping bag with arms?

    Does anybody know where I can get a quality sleeping bag with arms? I have one of those German army sniper bags: I use it without the waterproof cover. It isn’t warm but I find it very comfortable. It is great to be able to “sit...