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    Zippo spares - Free to a good home

    These are going free (just collect or pay postage) 4 x Spare flints 1 x Spare Wick £1 P&P Thanks Duncan
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    Free to a good home (just pay postage)

    You can one or all of these..... (Coin is there just for scale) One or all for £1 P&P Thanks Duncan
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    Another Free to a good home...

    Also free to a good home (just collect of pay the postage).... I should be able to post for about £3 Thanks Duncan
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    Another Free to a good home...

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    Free to a good home (just pay postage)

    These need to go so, not asking for any money, just cover postage costs or come and collect: 2 X Machette / Parang 1 x Set of throwing Knives (CD case just for scale) I guess the larger two may cost £10 each to post, the other I should be able to do for about £3. We can exchange...
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    Wool Blankets

    Does anyone know if blankets, with these labels on, are any good? Or know anything else about them? [/IMG] [/IMG] Thanks in advance, Duncan
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    WANTED: Clematis

    Hi all, I did a couple of days down at Dave Watson's place last week and had a successful attempt at getting an ember with a hand drill. :dancer: But now I would like to keep up with some practice and don't have access to any Clematis. Dave (and Duncan - who taught us) use Clematis as a Hearth...
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    Looking for Flint...

    I've managed to get some 'U-shaped' steel strikers made for 'Flint & Steel' fire lighting but am in need of some good pieces of dark flint. Does anyone have any kicking around where they live that I could make use of? Here's hoping..... Duncan
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    Wildwood Wisdom PDF

    Hi. Can anyone point me to the location of a PDF of the book "Wildwood Wisdom"? I've found reference to a reference but no actual link to the PDF.:banghead: Thanks Duncan
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    One for the Knife makers out there...

    I came across this the other day.. Is this reasonably feasable? Especially to an untooled amateur?! If so, where might I be able to pick up a suitable piece of Steel? Thanks in advance. Duncan
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    Wanted: 'Try'-Stick Article from Bushcraft Magazine

    Hi, Does any one have the first part of the article 'Try' Stick, by George Thompson? I've got issue 20 with the second part in but was interested to read the first part. Any help greatfully received. Many thanks Duncan
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    £50 Cotswold Credit note - Anyone want it?

    I have a Credit note for Cotswold Outdoor shops worth £50 but I have ENOUGH outdoor gear! Does anyone want anything from Cotswold that I could use this for? Down-side is, the Credit Note is in my name, so I would have to buy the item and then post it on. Up-side is I get 20% discount at...
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    Olive Green Medics Pouch

    As per title. Looking for a Medics pouch in Olive, in good condition. Thanks Duncan
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    Olive Medic Pouch

    Has anyone got one of these that they might consider letting go? Or does anyone know of a supplier, at a VERY good price? Many thanks Duncan
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    FS - Woolies

    Price Drop. See end of text. These have GOT to go SWMBO says so! First: Size Large Heavy Wool Jumper. Measurements: Pit - Pit: 25" Pit - Cuff: 19" Pit - Wrist: 14.5" Neck: 9" Shoulder - Waist: 26.5" Next: Size Medium Brown V-Neck 'GAP' Jumper Pit - Pit: 20" Pit - Cuff...
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    FS: The Art of Making Leather Cases Vol 1

    As stated in the title. Sale price £10 inc P&P (payment by PayPal please (as 'Gift')) SOLD (STF) Duncan
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    FS Norgie size 100 (Largeish)

    Yet more from the clearout.... Olive drab 'Norgie' shirt, as pictured. More unworn kit....... Sale price £5 inc P&P (PayPal prefered)