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  1. Dannytsg

    Natural Recurve OTT catapult

    Had some free time yesterday so I went for a wander in the woods. As I always do I take a saw with me and hunt for any nice natural forks that might be about. I found a lovely piece of spalted standing dead wood which had a slight recurve to the grip area which I thought would make a lovely...
  2. Dannytsg

    Crafty Christmas gift

    So this year my oldest nephew is at an age where my brother wishes to get him out and about more. What better way to get out and about spending time with your son than with a father/son slingshot set? I set about the forage for forks and managed to get a nice holly fork for my brother and a...
  3. Dannytsg

    A few sharps (18+ only)

    I have a few sharps up for sale as follows: 1) Hatchet. Comes with leather edge sheath, leather choke grip and lanyard. Takes a decent edge and handy to have. Has 600 stamped into the head. £27.50 posted. 2) Small svord style folder with green kirinite scales, mosaic pin and stainless steel...
  4. Dannytsg

    3 x catapults

    Thinning down my collection as I have too many. From left to right: 1) Custom ply made fitted with looped latex tubes. Can also take flag bands and comes with paracord lanyard for wrist support. £22.50 posted and paypalled. 2) Gamekeeper John signed frame fitttd with single Therband gold...
  5. Dannytsg

    An axe and a knife

    Looking to move these on as they are not getting used at present. First up is a hand axe complete with leather sheath, leather lanyard and leather choke wrap. Has 600 stamped on it which I assume is the weight and it has a decent edge. Looking for £32.50 posted and paypalled. Second is a...
  6. Dannytsg

    Remington 1911 4.5mm CO2 pistol

    Thinning down my collection so this plinker is up for sale. I used this for practical pistol shooting and as such is in good used condition. It does have some marks and the slide lock can be temperamental and sometime not lock the slide back but internally and mechanically the pistol does what...
  7. Dannytsg

    Gamo CF-20 .177 air rifle

    I have decided to sell this on as my son isn't into shooting any more. It is a Gamo CF20 in .177 and has added preload. It is shooting 11ft/lbs with rws superdomes 8.3grains and slightly less with field lines. It has marks on the stock and is in used condition. Looking for £70 posted but will...
  8. Dannytsg

    Chrony M1 - Shooting Chronograph

    I am selling my Chrony M1 as I no longer have a need for it. I used this to test the velocity at which my air rifles and catapults were shooting. This is the M1 version. The only difference this has over the F1 is that the display on this is demounted and attached with a long cable. This is so...
  9. Dannytsg

    3 catapults for sale

    These are up for sale as I am thinning my current collection. 1) coloured ply OTT with pinky hole. Fitted with double Theraband gold £20 including post 2) hardwood PFS with pinky hole fitted with double tapered Theraband £18 posted 3) black/green diamond wood PFS fitted with single tapered...
  10. Dannytsg

    M Tech USA knife (unused)

    I bought this in a job lot of knives and have just unearthed it after a year or so in storage. M Tech USA stainless steel fixed blade knife with sheath. Blade is half and half (serrated and straight). Feels good in the hand. Looking for £12 posted
  11. Dannytsg

    TW 3.9x2.6 tarp with lines attached

    I am selling my TW 3.9x2.6 as I have upgraded to a DD XL. This has had light use on a few outings and is in good condition. It offers a good size footprint area and can be set up in a variety of combinations as you see fit. I have this rigged with 4 corner guy lines and a static ridge line (no...
  12. Dannytsg

    Woodland fun

    Took my daughter out this morning for a bit of hanging around and wilderness emersion. I recently acquired a modified DD hammock for her to use and she was excited to get out and enjoy the woods in it. We also ended up playing the longest ever game of "I-spy" which lasted about two hours whilst...
  13. Dannytsg

    Mountain bike set ups?

    Looking for some inspiration really from anyone who uses their mountain bike to delve deeper into the wilderness. I want to start 2017 off with a few good trips so set ups, recommendations and locations would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Dannytsg

    Game Of Thrones Sword - Robb Stark 1.1 Authentic Replica

    Robb Stark Replica Sword made by Valyrian Steel Authentic Fully Licensed Replica sold out and discontinued by the manufacturer Comes with original box, sword and wall plaque Number 626 of 1500 Overall Length: 41" Blade Length: 33"...
  15. Dannytsg

    Not bushy but rather different

    Thought I'd post this here as it's something some may find interesting. Long have I been into historical reenactment, HEMA and medieval combat. More recently I have started in HMB or historical medieval battle (YouTube battle of nations for an idea). As such I've decided to make as much of my...
  16. Dannytsg

    A little metal work - Mjölnir inspired pendent

    It's been a while since I have been on here but I have recently rekindle my love for hobby smithing and metal work. One of my closest friends has a birthday coming up and he is very much into Vikings and reenactment. I decided to have a go at making a pendant in a Mjölnir style out of some old...
  17. Dannytsg

    BSA lightning XL tactical in .177 with scope, gun bag and bi-pod

    Looking to sell on my BSA lightning XL tactical in .177. It is a good solid gun and a 2012 model made in England not Spain. Shoots well and hits hard, will come with 3-9x40 smk scope, bipod with swivel stud and padded gun bag. It does have some slight spalling on the stock from my face stubble...
  18. Dannytsg

    2 knives for sale

    Selling these as they are surplus to requirements: Mtech fixed blade knife. Comes with belt sheath as shown and is nice and sharp. Has a very nice weight to it and holds well in the hand. Looking for £15 including postage. Master knecker knife, comes with hard plastic...
  19. Dannytsg

    Various wet stones and sharpening items

    Selling up these items: 1) A set of 3 Norton water stones. Bought as a starter set for use with sharpening blades and straight razors, these are ideal for anyone wanting to keep a great edge on their blades. My colleague would prefer to sell these as a set but is open to splitting. The grades...
  20. Dannytsg

    Slingbow. Some information

    I posted a slingbow for sale yesterday and the post was removed as there was some doubt about legalities. I received a PM from Tony this morning asking if I would put up a post to try and bring some clarity to what a slingbow is, their legalities and uses so here it is: What is a slingbow? A...