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    Range Rover value help please?

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    Firelighting, mojo style....

    Just thought I'd share this little video of me lighting a fire, click on it to play. :D
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    Magpie attaking WoodPigeon

    Not a very good picture due to the slow shutter speed and the fact they are both moving fast, but luckily I just about managed to get the moment of the magpie attaking the pigeon. Just thought it might be of interest to those who are interested in such fauna... :)
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    Solar Spark Review, with Video!

    I fancied a play with one of the Solar Spark firelighters that John Wings posted in the ebay auctions forum, so I bought one:D It...
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    Silva Expedition 54 Compass

    After a recent "adventure", which involved sailing about 6 miles down Loch Lomond in near zero visibility conditions (5 to 10 yards max :O), I decided to brush up on my navigational skills. We were pretty well equipped and the journey was uneventful, albeit slow, due to having both GPS and...
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    Woodlore Blues

    While assembling my fixed blades to photograph for manganr's fixed blade thread yesterday morning, I realised that my mate has had my WS woody for at least a couple of months since I let him use it while we were camping. I always used my woody, but had just finished making my own scandi and...
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    Range Rover value help please?

    Has anyone got a rough idea how much a 93 Range Rover Tdi would be worth as Ive been offered one as a trade! It's done close to 200k, but has had an engine I think. The bodywork is good to excellent and most of the electrics work. It drives fairly well for its mileage and has at least 6 months...
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    The Firts Scandi

    Its curly birch and moose antler, it'll need a good bit took off it to get rid of the ingrained dirt! :)
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    go to channel 553 now

    if anybody is interested a Trailblazers has just started on discovery home and leisure and it is about the tracking skills of the bushmen of the Kalahari desert!
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    Quick question, how big is an acre?

    how big is an acre?, in sq feet yards or metres? cheers stuarty