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    If You Guys Havn't Seen This.......You Need To.......

    He's a complete head case lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Article: Brynje Antarctic Jacket

    I here you there I'm 6'4" too, I just had the hassle of buying new waders...... I really don't want to repeat that in a hurry.
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    Insect repellent that doesn't eat plastic.

    Funny you should say that Stupidly simple have a Vaseline pot sized product called midge repel. It it pine tar based and works very very well IMO.
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    Fear of the dark

    Never been too fussed about coming across a Ned in my camp, if they are that far off the beaten track the law isn't too far behind them. Plus it's a 2:1 ratio, 2 big burly bushcrafters and a wee eejit that thinks he's hard until he gets his new (stollen) adiboks stuck in the mud lol.
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    Tick Repellant

    Actually that bite could be a cleg
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    First staff of the year.

    You could use it for that, or simply put your thumb in the fork. Some of the comfiest sticks/ staff's I've used are thumb sticks.
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    Razor blade disposal

    I did for quite a while, but when someone starts to sing "gimme all your loving" you start to get the hint lol
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    Welly Care Question

    Aye, they were indeed pvc. Although they were tough as heck and wide enough on the leg to get a decently thick socks breeks and overalls in. I don't find my feet cook in them though and I've worn them for 10 hours a day. I find though that like any boots the top needs to be loose enough to vent...
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    Welly Care Question

    Wellie care for me is a scrub with a stiff brush. I have a pair off wellies that have been on the go since the foot and mouth. My dad was issued them at the time and he gave them to me when I needed a pair. Coming from a farming family they have been well worn, to the point where the soles are...
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    Razor blade disposal

    I'm hoping for a couple of weeks in Eastern Norway later on this year. I have a close friend who lives out there now. The type of blades I uses are the flat double edged type, but having to shave every 1 to 2 days and having a heavy stubble I only get a maximum of 2 shaves before I have to...
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    STUPIDLY SIMPLE lip balms ~ plain o' wicked

    I might be tempted to try that bug oil too. Where do I purchase it exactly.
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    Razor blade disposal

    Cheers for the ideas. I use a disposable blade straight so the tic tax boxes are ideal for me.
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    Tick Repellant

    I vouch for the nylons method too, and they stop chaffing in the thighs as well. The best repellent I've heard of is using a rank concoction of cigarette buts and beer, it's isn't pretty but it works. Basically you steep the dog ends in the beer for a week or so then strain it into a spray...
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    Razor blade disposal

    Ok, to cut a long story short lately I have been trying to stay un-bearded. I've ran into a problem though, on a long trip where do I store my dull blades. What I would like to know is there any very compact containers that I can use to store them in so I'm not likely to cause myself an injury...
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    Coping with knots?

    Depends on what the knots on really. If it's a bow, especially a flat bow there is no way around scraping with the grain as it is still part of the back, and therefore needs to be preserved as that. Anything else I tend to file it down with the grain. But in my opinion if it's not hurting...
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    Bison bushcraft moleskins

    It was on their site they only go up to a 33 but raw legs interests me a lot. I might take a wee jaunt to my local tractor dealer tomorrow and see if they carry them.
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    Bison bushcraft moleskins

    Just had a look at the Monarchs, and they too have the same problem, too short in the legs. It's a shame really as I'm very familiar with their products, I grew up and out of a fair few of them.
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    Bison bushcraft moleskins

    Aye I'd need at least a 34 which is a bit crap lol. Oh well it's probably going to be a wool shirt from you, but thanks for the effort anyway.
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    Bison bushcraft moleskins

    I was also thinking German Army ones