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  1. mickos

    hexi stove toast?

    Has anyone tried or have any thoughts on cooking toast using a hexi tablet? ignoring the method, im more thinking about if the bread would soak up nasty fumes etc. whether it would taste horrible or even if it tasted fine would it be dangerous / not recommended. i really hate the smell of...
  2. mickos


    sorry if this is the wrong forum but spotted this on facebook the other day. near my folks so was thinking of going. have never heard of a shrinkpot before, looks nice.
  3. mickos

    Just testing out Flickr

    cat by Michael Maclean, on Flickr
  4. mickos


    hi folks, started getting into bushcraft and this forum looks great. Found some fatwood recently and have been practising getting a fire going with a ferrorod, so hopefully can pick up some help / tips on here. Also hoping to get involved and maybe post some stuff. Grew up camping around loch...