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    M65 button in liner

    Got an old 'Alpha' M65. Any idea where I can get a good quality liner (Gary??)? Looked on the web and can't seem to find a decent one? maybe me being thick though :roll: :o):
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    "The Old Country"

    Tremendous series by Jack Hargreaves on the old countrymans ways. Has anyone any ideas on where it might be available on DVD or VHS please :?: ? Can get the book no probs.
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    Green Canvas Micarta A.W. 'BB Bushcrafter'

    This is mine: As a size comparison against my old F1 (s'cuse sharpening marks!) and showing 'nifty' belt loop design: Love it :approve: p.s. link to full size pics:
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    The Unbelievers...

    Recently bought a 'Staffie' billhook from Jack. I put an edge on it that's as good as on any of my collection of knives recently and my disbelieving son (Alec) decided to test the edge by attempting to shave one side of a very hairy calf. He's going to Gran Canaria on Saturday with half a...
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    ANOTHER request for advice on jackets please?

    I know this has almost been done to death :roll: but thought you are the peeps who'd know... Been looking for a jacket for some weeks, needs to be pretty 'bombproof' as it'll be used year round on days hillwalking, gundog working/training in the wilds, beating on the shoot, the odd woodland...