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    Walkers relying on smartphone apps blamed for 50% hike in mountain rescure call outs

    Get a map, get a compass; learn how to use them; no more worrying. The thing people tend to forget is that a GPS/Sat-Nav etc is just a guide. They can, and frequently do, go wrong so you always need a back-up incase of problems. If you know how to read a map properly then the only thing...
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    Kent meetup for the new year?

    Hey guys, is Little Hall still an active site for us? Haven't been here for a long while so I've kind of lost touch but it doesn't seem as if you use it any more. Any reason?
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    Soothing plant suggestions?

    Nice one guys, you gave me a good few ideas to work on. Very comprehensive post Toddy, thanks :)
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    Soothing plant suggestions?

    Just thought I'd highlight the specifics of what I'm looking for here as my first post was a bit... well, rambly :P 1. Can be used easily, with no modern techniques or ingrediants involved. 2. Can be used to soothe the soreness of skin that has become dry and cracked. 3. Is...
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    Soothing plant suggestions?

    Hi guys, it's been a while but I need your help with something. I'm looking for the names of any species of plant or a type of poultice that can be used to sooth sore or raw skin. Ideally, if it's plant-based, it can be made into a solution and soaked into cloth, but it needs to be...
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    Bad news brings an opportunity

    Thanks very much for all the replies, you've all given me a lot to consider. I'm now more motivated to do this and am actually getting quite excited by the idea, so thank you. Lots more planning needed and storage arrangements to be made with family etc, but I think this will soon be...
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    Bad news brings an opportunity

    Thanks for the reply Red. I have many bolt-holes across the UK - Mum in Cornwall, brother in Notts, Grandparents in Norfolk, Father in Kent, friends in Scotland - so I can always jump-ship if needs be. Cities hate me, and the feeling is mutual, so we will avoid each other as much as...
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    Bad news brings an opportunity

    Can you read minds? ;)
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    Bad news brings an opportunity

    Thanks for the quick replies, very much appreciated. I will be keeping some ties to modern life - my bank account for a start - so becoming lost in vagrancy will not become an issue as I will not be going 'off the radar' as such. If I were a gap-year student planning a year's hiking...
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    Bad news brings an opportunity

    This is a long post but please don't be put off reading as i need as many suggestions and opinions as i can get from the good members of BcUK. Right, where do i start? A few weeks ago i came back from a relaxing weeks holiday from work only to be summoned into the board room for a...
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    Huge spider

    Camel spider Spam? Check out the amount of legs - not actually a spider :cool: Still pretty freaky though.
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    Win a fantastic Bushcraft Home.......for £25!

    I've entered, here's hoping! :D :rolleyes:
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    BCUK or BUCK

    Wayland... Any info on the large bladed knife in your pic, fourth down?
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    BCUK or BUCK

    I can kind of see your logic there Dragonferret, even though the link between the two is a bit weak. But there's no way I'm shelling out for a Buck knife just because it's name is an anagram of an acronym of the name of one of the many bushcraft sites I visit. It'll probably take a better...
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    Military Ties

    There's a thread started in the 'Bushcraft Chatter' forum called 'Military Connections' which contains alot of info. It's 8 months since it was updated though. By the way, I can't seem to post links to individual threads anymore on Bcuk. Anyone else? :confused:
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    Anyone remember Fenlander...?

    I did wonder what happened to Kev. He's a good bloke. He and a couple of others went out of their way to make me feel welcome at the 2006 Bushmoot when I didn't know anyone. He took time out of his spare time to teach me bow-drill too - top bloke! :D
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    Got a new job !! WooooHoooo

    Nice one Dave, I hope you enjoy it! I like to hear of people having good fortune like this - it reminds me that it's always possible to make a change for the better.
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    Union Flag Avatar

    It's to do with the position of the stripes in relation to the hoist. The white band of the Scottish flag should be on top of the red band of the Irish flag where the flag meets the hoist. The flag in the avatar would be the right way up of the hoist were on the other side.
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    Union Flag Avatar

    :lmao: How long has this gone unnoticed?
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    Photographs from the Bushmoot 2008

    Yep :D Gives it a 'tangy' flavour.