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  1. steve a

    Millican Dalton

    I am just reading the biography of this extraordinary character and would reccomend this book. Basically in his mid thirties he packed up work and went to live in the hills and woods around the uk, he offered himself as a guide and ran some camping holidays...
  2. steve a

    Fungi info

    Here is a link to a newsletter that I have found to be a good source of info in the past. Their web site is being revamped at the moment but there is a lot of good stuff in the back issues section. This link has a very good artical regarding 'The usefulness of shelf fungi in primitive fire...
  3. steve a

    Richard Graves Bushcraft Heads up if anyone is after a copy of this classic bushcraft book ( i am not the seller)
  4. steve a

    Happy 40th Chopper

    Congrats on your Birthday Chopper, have a good one
  5. steve a

    historical tents

    I thought this site may be interest to people who might like something a bit different.
  6. steve a

    Smile, it's Monday

    Hope this makes you smile... EVER WONDER where we are headed... Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin? Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed? Why you don't ever see the headline: "Psychic Wins Lottery"? Why "abbreviated" is such a long word...
  7. steve a

    Bushcraft by Richard Graves

    There's a copy of this book in paperback on evilbay at the moment, no bidders yet but at £5.50 might be worth a punt if you want a copy. Item number: 6923855911
  8. steve a

    Family visit opens my eyes a bit more

    This week we have my wifes Slovenian cousin and her friend staying with us, these girls are in their late twenties and early thirties, live in a fair sized town and work in a local goverment office. At their request we went for a walk through a local wood, as we were walking along they wanted...
  9. steve a

    Sherwood survival school

    Has anyone got any experiance of this school aimed for scouts. At the prices advertised I would think it would be of interest to a number of Scouts/leaders.
  10. steve a

    Alan Wood Knife on e-bay

    Have a look at this, : I e-mailed the guy, who says its a Alan Woods Custom job, but no pictures available as he has no digital camera. Anyone willing to go for a £400 Woodlore ?
  11. steve a

    Herts, Beds,& Bucks

    I do not know how many people in the 3 counties are on here, seems the maps not working but would anyone in the area be interested in a meet up.
  12. steve a

    The Survival Handbook by Raymond Mears

    I know a lot of you are after this book,it's the first of RM's books, the green hardbackcirca 92-5 copy on e-bay at the moment, item number 4200094786, current price £16.00, I have already got a copy, so those of you who want a copy now's your chance. I am not the the seller
  13. steve a

    The Survival Handbook by Raymond Mears

    i was only holding that pint for someone else :roll: :-D cheers, and.
  14. steve a

    Woodlore Journeyman Course

    Is anyone here doing this course 29th Sept to 5th Oct 2004, I'm booked on it and was wondering if anyone on here is going.
  15. steve a

    Scout camp sites

    I was told the other day that the Scouts are re-organising their camp sites and that some will be sold off, returned to the lease holder, or run as sites availble to the scouts and other groups. Can any of the Scout leaders here shed any more light on the situation.
  16. steve a

    feather sticks

    Can anyone give me some pointers on producing decent feather sticks. I seam to produce too thick a shaving or shave the feather off the stick. I'm currently working on Chestnut which I understand is supposed to be an ideal wood due to the straight grain. My Knife is a Bison Forrester and it...
  17. steve a

    lowa mountain boots

    Anyone interested in buying some Lowa's there are 300 pairs of them on E-Bay, item number 2894717407 grade 1 for £35 a pop.
  18. steve a

    Ray Mears Hero's of Telemark Talk 25/10/2003

    I have two spare tickets for this talk at the Swan Theatre in High Wycombe Face Value is £14, anyone want them. SOLD