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    Been hand lining for crabs, but what to do next?

    Hi Bushcrafters. Me and my girlfriend went out to catch some crabs, used 2 99p hand lines and some £1.50 bacon from Tesco. Managed to get 18 shore crabs. We threw them back though. Some were on the large side with huge front claws. For a total sum of £1.98 that is the cheapest/most fun I've...
  2. K

    Found a Shrimp/Crab Cage under £5

    Just a quick heads up for those of you looking to try some shrimp/ crayfish/ crab caging. Found these for sale in my local "The Range" store. REMEMBER YOU NEED A SPECIFIC LICENCE FROM ENVIRONMENT AGENCY AND LAND OWNERS PERMISSION TO USE THESE! First is advertised as a "Metal Shrimp Cage"...
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    Cooking Kit Question.

    Hiya Bushcrafters ! I bought a Coleman F1 Stove what works brilliantly... And used this pan set... And have managed to destroy one pan because i had the flame too hot. So I bought a new pan, used a really low flame. And Still got a marked heat spot on the pan. The Pans are steel with...
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    My first fixed blade

    Hi, just thought I'd share this with you. Maybe Im making a fool of my self by doing so but here goes... I am desparate to buy a clipper and I cant buy anything till my bank card comes through (next month.) While wheeling the trolly round Tesco I spotted the kitchen department with some...