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    Quote of the Day. No Discussions or Comments please.

    Today will be a good day if I let it! My mentor Jack C. Trust God, clean house, and help your fellow man. Another mentor Myron Y.
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    Favourite Street Food? Please Answer

    Dirty fries. French fries covered in pulled pork and a vinegar based cold slaw. One of those folks you up for the day. Jon
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    Hi de Hi campers.... :o)

    Welcome from across the pond in the Buckeye State of Ohio. Lots of good stuff here to keep you out of trouble. Enjoy!! Jon
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    New member

    Welcome from across the Pond. Lots to learn and enjoy here and outside. Jon
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    Interesting videos by Ben and Lois

    Just had a look at their work and subscribed. Looking forward to viewing their content.
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    How to speed up composting?

    Edit to add. I think this was a companion book to a Public Broadcasting series called Square-foot Gardening. Also a covering of black plastic would hold in heat to speed up the process.
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    How to speed up composting?

    Long time ago I saw an article about using a cat litter called Litter Green to speed up composting. You would put a layer on top of your pile then water it. Turn it over every so often ready in about half the time. Apparently it only works with this specific litter.
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    New Year Weight Loss motivation thread

    In Feb 1993 I weighed 525 pounds. After a lot of work I got down to 350. Been using an AP called My Fitness Pal and have gotten down to 330 since January. My goal is to get to 250. I am trying to lose 1 pound a week. Tracking the calories and other stats have lowered my sugar and BP levels along...
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    Square Foot Gardening

    Many years ago public broadcasting had a series called Square-foot Gardening. There was also a book related to the series ( I can't remember the name of it) One tip was to plant 144 spring onions in a 12 by 12 inch square. Some of it seemed a bit wasteful though. Planting a lot of seeds like...
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    Making a Will

    Contact an attorney for help. Far easiest way to do it. Make a list of what you have and who you want it to go to. Pick an executor to handle your estate. I believe there are on line tutorials to help you do it yourself. Make sure to have it modernised and filed with the appropriate court Authority.
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    Free Open University Courses.

    Thank you.
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    Free Open University Courses.

    Does anyone know if these are available to those of us across the pond or is it just a UK Commonwealth only? Thanks in advance. Jon
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    Dealing with Boils

    A remedy my family uses is to put a piece of bacon ( you all call this streaky bacon) on it with a bit of salt. Then cover it with a band aid ( sticking plaster) it should draw it out in a few days. There is a product called ictheol sp? A black drawing salve that works well also.
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    Forum down time this Friday, 13th march

    Thanks for the heads up. Hope everything goes smoothly. Jon
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    Big Hugs from Hemel

    Hello and welcome from across the pond.. Jon