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    Help needed planning a long distance hike.

    Walking 15-20 miles can be a bit of a full time job. foraging for the calories to fuel that is a bit of a full time job. getting both done could be a lot of work, I'ld personally consider the need to be purchasing and carrying the food just in case, and have this as a contingency plan Alex
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    Interesting way to make a knife

    Great vid, thanks. Alex
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    Scientific Kit List.

    I did 3 weeks in the Highlands this summer. The kit which I found essential was Insect repellant; Midge jacket/headnet; Quality waterproofs and cold weather wear;; More insect repellent; A decent rucksack; Camera; Transport; More insect repellent. Other than that, just your normal camping...
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    TV documentary from the eighties

    An absolutely brilliant series/documentary. Well worth a look. I found it on youtube. Alex
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    Opinions on mushroom foraging books

    Would you only be interested in species of culinary interest, and the seriously poisonous ones? All - culinary, non culinary but not poisonous, poisonous, the weird, the beautiful, the interesting What about species that might be confused with edible species, but aren't dangerous...
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    Historical Soldier's Kit

    Nice, thanks for posting. Alex
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    Any UK landlords here?

    I am also a landlord, and you would probably be restricted by changing the fabric. If a tenant communicated with me - and the communication really is the issue here - I would probably be fine changing the locks, with a financial contribution on their behalf and use a certified locksmith of my...
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    Heads up - cheap(ish) Karrimor Sabre 45

    Came across this on the Ray Mears site at the weekend, it's the cheapest I've ever seen a Sabre 45 being sold. I ordered on Sunday evening, arrived today. Looks and feels great, am off the end of the month to the highlands and islands to put it through its paces. Can't wait. No connection...
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    Muntjac - where to source?

    The only times I have ever got my hands on muntjac is either a friendly game keeper/pest controller or road kill. My favourite venison. Alex
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    Midges and mozzies in Scotland - crikey

    Right, so the plan is camp sites on the coast, fires, TWO hoods or jackets, and a selection of repellants (I'll try and do a review). Thanks again for all the advice. Alex
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    Midges and mozzies in Scotland - crikey

    LOL could be a fantastic sales pitch for them, double every order. Alex
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    Midges and mozzies in Scotland - crikey

    Thanks for the responses. I am seriously leaning towards a beaton jacket. However SWMBO has just read about some Avon spray being the mutt's nuts and is stalling on the jacket. Anybody ever tried the Avon stuff? TIA Alex
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    Midges and mozzies in Scotland - crikey

    Just watched one of those nature programs currently doing the rounds. Part of it set in Scotland, where I'm heading this summer, so I thought I'd better watch. Those midges were horrific, I've been blessed with soft southern midges up until now, never seen anything like it. I am planning on...
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    Dartmoor, North to South, a brief review and some thoughts

    I had the opportunity, finally, this week to trek across Dartmoor. Me and a mate decided to do it in 2 days, Okehampton to Ivybridge. Navigation was a serious issue, poor weather conditions rendered most fording points difficult to best avoided. I would definitely be more wary about planning a...
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    2 rasp knives

    Beautiful. Alex