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    Gabardine Jacket Query Sent from my S68Pro using Tapatalk
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    Gabardine Jacket Query

    Varustekla in scandi sell a non camo version of the windproof smock Sent from my S68Pro using Tapatalk
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    Norwegian army tent stove STOLEN

    Norwegian Army surplus, bloody good but had a particular habit which the thief will hopefully find out to their detriment
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    Norwegian army tent stove STOLEN

    The other coracle man will likely find it
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    Norwegian army tent stove STOLEN
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    Norwegian army tent stove STOLEN

    My place is by Abercych next to the Teifi tbh I don't reckon on getting it back but there is not many in the uk so keep fingers crossed. I think it's someone with local knowledge
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    Norwegian army tent stove STOLEN

    I called into my Woodland today to find my heavily camouflaged caravan had been broken into in the last 48hrs They stole only one thing my Norwegian tent stove, it isn't even shiny !! Rusty and patina ridden.. Go figure hadn't even picked up other goodies. I tracked their journey carrying it...
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    Who already really needed his First Aid Kit?

    I habitually have my bleed out kit with me and a first responder pack in my van, I'm often a lot be worker and I'm a woodworker so constantly using sharp tools. At the start of the first lockdown I was self isolating in my woodland cabin having flown back early from Norway. I did the " if you're...
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    Sheath for a Sheffield bowie

    I have my late father's camp/Bowie, antler handle and nice steel, it lives in the wood and leather sheath he made. As a trained harnessmaker he knew the knife would cut the stitches on a conventional leather sheath
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    Traditional Hide Coracles

    The St Brendan was coated in rendered lanolin ( or wool fat as is called sometimes) as a exterior treatment to the oak tanned ox hides, given the sea temperatures and a little chemical reaction with sea water, served it's purpose. My late father was at cordwainers when it was built and knew the...
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    Looking for a Lukkha pattern

    Could I have a copy of the patterns and sewing details please
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    Luhkka pattern

    I've seen the pattern that is currently on the forum but could do with a clearer version and some idea of material quantity, I've got a fair bit of realtree soft shell fabric here or even more ideal if I could get my mitts on some physical patterns. Cheers in advance
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    Fjallraven G1000 & Nikwax

    I've used the nikwax cotton proof on my fjallraven anorak 8 leaked badly and smelled chemically for ages, Greenland waxed it thoroughly and much better though I suspect that in a cold Norwegian winter it'll be stiff as a board.