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  • Hi there woof I received the bcb crusader lid this morning v.impressed v.pleased keep up the good work many thanks colin
    Lol ! i did'nt even know they(playstation ?)could do stuff like that. I can't post out now before saturday, but if it changes i will contact you. I'll send my details friday, if i'm still able to post on saturday.

    Awesome brother so do you wan't to trade?

    If so pm your adress and i'll have to instant message you mine if you could delete it once you take note that would be great.

    You'll like the stove mate, it's not the quickest but it does the job and is cheap to run so in the long run the MSR stoves may be quicker boiling water but you don't have to pay a fortune for canisters.
    Yeah man, works as it should, i personally am not to keen on alchohol burners thats the only reason i'm trading it. For me i don't like carrying liquid fuel hence why i'm back to a hexis stove.

    SAK explorer is awesome, don't mind if anything is blunt, but don't wan't it if anything is broken.

    What colour are the scales? I have 5 of the 6 colours the explorer was made in except red funnily enough, but i'll still take it regardless.
    Cant reply to pm's so i'll reply here.

    The burner, stand and simmer ring is what i mean. As you may have read they are SS and well built so there pretty bulletproof, mine is well use but with a small clean up you would never know.

    Looking for Any SAK, Doesn't matter which model i'll take it lol,
    Flint pieces
    A strop
    Crusader cup
    58 pattern water bottle.

    Or any suggestions
    Hi :) just a quick message to say thanks so much for the stove, it's great! i'm supriesed at how light-weight it was and the bag that comes with it is perfect. It turned up on my birthday too! :)
    Saw you where looking at launditch1's grill, hope your variation went well.. Ive been putting my own grill system together (prototype at mo!) Anyway Woof, I would love some feedback on other Bushcratfers views of thought, and am fishing around the forum for comments on like mineded people! Would appreciate your views, as others around have different requirements ref: Open Fire Cooking!


    Blog site is..
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