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    Yet another way to sheath your spoon knife!

    thats great and original :) Very nice design.
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    3 Word Game

    roaring sherman tank
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    3 Word Game

    And sidekick Grylls
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    What improvised Blacksmith tools do you have?

    I made a actually very good pair of tongues, by using some old tent poles and some pliers. The poles are the sort of aluminium sort that old multi-person frame tents were made out of, before the days of the glass-fibre poles. These poles, about a metre in length each were then rammed onto the...
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    My new knife

    Lovely tool that one on all accounts. I too am not sure about having that scraper there, it seems a little redundant. Can we see the other knives too please? :) woodwalker
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    Blank Firesteels. Where?

    I know its all arranged, but for future firesteels I would recommend outdoorcode is the place to go, very helpful and he's on this site too woodwalker
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    my bushcraft website launched today

    "My 1st Canadian Skin On Frame Canoe" Does this imply there will be a second?? I hope so, as I enjoyed following the build of the last one. I think you should go for a bushcraft submarine this time round, much more useful.... woodwalker
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    Is BCUK your homepage?

    I use IE7 so its set up to bring up a whole load of tabs with my favourite sites in them, but Google is then one that loads up first. Google is my friend :):confused: woodwalker
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    Breaking Swedish fire steel

    This might help,I wrote it a little while ago all about firesteel use :) I tried to write as much about technique as possible, and there's pics too. hope that helps, woodwalker
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    3 Word Game

    .Meanwhile, the grazing
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    Bushcrafty story books for kids

    Try Robin Hood stories, I think the publisher "Ladybird" does them, or did them. Incidentally old editions of ladybird classics go for a lot on Ebay.... But Robin Hood is very good, good moral leader, although some of the tales are "darker" than others and perhaps more suited to older...
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    my bushcraft website launched today

    Amazing, I've always liked your threads, so a collation of all your work is an excellent idea. One question, what do you use for your photography? The pictures are always informative and well set out. Great work woodwalker
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    I need your help - Making a definitive cutting tool safety article.

    nice idea and a good list :) Is it possible to maybe change some of them from don't don't don't, to do do do as kids often tune out to a list of stuff they shouldn't do, yet if told constructive points it may help. Perhaps a blend of the two may be best. Very handy though Wayland have...
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    An entirely new knife.............

    Yeah it was just a joke really - I love that knife and I hope you work it hard. Unfortunately in reality the RPFK void is fictional and I couldn't really justify the expense. I'll jsut have to make do with the pics in this thread:D woodwalker oh and I know you don't do much battoning...
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    An entirely new knife.............

    aaahh you've ruined it !!!:eek: why did you have to go and use the knife?:rolleyes: Couldn't it have continued to grace your mantle piece? ;) woodwalker, with a noticeably large Red Precision Field Knife shaped void in his rucksack....