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    New, issue Softie Sleeka jacket, size M

    What colour is this? Not very clear in the picture
  2. wolf man

    Hand Forged Firesteel Sets

    Paypal sent Cheers
  3. wolf man

    Hand Forged Firesteel Sets

    PM Sent Andy
  4. wolf man

    Two blades

    Paypal sent
  5. wolf man

    Two blades

    Hi Rob PM sent cheers
  6. wolf man

    Two blades

    Can I have the other please?
  7. wolf man

    Clear out, price drops

    What material is the group shelter? Also, can you provide a packed size and weight please. Cheers
  8. wolf man

    Haix or Alt-Berg?

    I have had Lowas for a number of years. My current pair is the Patrol, and were brilliant, however after three years of light woodland use, the mid sole has started to disintegrate and come apart form the leather, making them leak like a sieve. Can't say much for their current customer service...
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    Some of my leather work this year

    Lovely work as always Geoff. Glad to see that things are working out for you, now that you've emigrated from the beautiful South!
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    A Canadian 'Hello' from Oxford

    Hi Cory, Welcome to one of the resource bases in the UK. Manse
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    Primitive Bows?

    Don't have the time to make them ��
  12. wolf man

    Primitive Bows?

    Folks I need some help locating a couple of primitive bows with a draw weight of 50lb and draw length of 32" Can an any one point me in the right direction please. All help and advice very much appreciated. Cheers
  13. wolf man

    search and rescue

    Het Spud_23, welcome me to the SAR family. It's a brilliant organisation and doesn't get enough credit for what it does. im sure that you are going to have a brilliant time with your SAR group. I've been a member of OxSAR for about 5 years now, and despite some horrendous finds, still enjoy it...
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    Matching set of 2 knives

    I'd also be interested in a necker, but as a naked blade, so that I could wrap it with cord.
  15. wolf man

    What's in your hip flask?

    5 year old home made sloe gin :cool: