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  1. William Mccausland

    Modified polish lavvu tent

    Hi john Tough guy to get a hold of lol Also looking for mods if you could get in touch that would be great Cheers
  2. William Mccausland

    Modified polish lavvu tent

    Looking for modifications to my lavvu but struggling to source someone , seen a post on here about a lad that does then but I’m unsure how to contact the person , is there anyone who could help with this ? Many thanks William
  3. William Mccausland

    Services offered Polish Lavuu MODS price list

    Hi john just wondering if these mods are still available? Would be great to hear back from you Many thanks William
  4. William Mccausland

    Polish Lavvu's wanted.

    Hi I’m looking to have mods done to my polish lavvu Hi john looking for some mods to my lavvu is this something you can help with ? Many thanks William