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    Carrying a kit

    Has anyone done that? I was seriously considering trying it out recently, just to see what happened when it went through the security scanner. I would expect questions to be asked since it is strange cabin baggage unless you intend to make an exit mid flight. I was forbidden to try it by my wife...
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    Is it worth getting a pair of expensive Binos?

    Always good to have binos but it's always a trade-off against their weight. I would love to have a Zeiss 15x56 with me all the time but at over a grand a pair it would be madness. In any case I don't need that sort of quality on a regular basis. So I go to the other end of the scale and always...
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    SOLKOA Survival Systems SUMA Tin?

    Um. My point exactly. Bushcrafters don't think like military etc. This is a bushcraft forum not a military one and while there may be a few wannabes the majority do not spend their daily lives running around wearing webbing. A survival tin should be on your person at all times not just when...
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    SOLKOA Survival Systems SUMA Tin?

    You'll not have it on you when you need it then. More of a man tin than a survival kit.
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    10 top tips for bushcraft

    If only somebody cared about me!!
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    The bushcraft magazine mayday meet

    The show was great, the camping not so great due to a total lack of foresight and planning. In the final hours more and more people were crammed into already overfull locations, the end result being that we were camping in a car park. Presumably the ones selling the camping tickets did not talk...
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    What Camp Bed??
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    Horse flied - Damnable things

    The cure is patience, the prevention bucketloads of deet.
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    eating squirrel

    Leave the red squirrels alone though. They taste ok, but they're more vulnerable in most areas.
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    How to determine potential water contaminants? (location: Pentland Hills, Scotland)

    There's a lot of nonsense talked about contaminants, particularly on environmental degree courses. Most of London's tap water was supplied in lead pipes 50 years ago and schoolchildren were allowed to play around with serious quantities of mercury and they're not all dead yet. I suppose if you...
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    10 top tips for bushcraft

    Nicely put. I'd have issues contacting my mum though unless there is a course on mediumship. I'd replace that one with 'If you're not enjoying it you're doing it wrong'.
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    SOLKOA Survival Systems SUMA Tin?

    There is something of a mystique built up over the issue of a survival tin. My view is that a survival tin is just a tin to contain my critical survival kit, it is not in itself important. There are two crucial requirements of such a tin. Firstly it should be small and light enough to fit in the...
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    Trying to be a full member

    Thanks for that, I tried to reply but got The following errors occurred with your submission Tony has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. Anyway my PM contained nothing secret, just said that I would prefer a...
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    Is there really any need for camoflage?

    Of course there's no need for camo gear unless you are stalking hapless wildlife. But nor is there any real need not to. There are far more intimidating sights in the country. If you are of a nervous disposition you should follow nature and just move around in large, colourful, often noisy...
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    Trying to be a full member

    I thought it might be helpful to become a fully paid up member but have fallen at the first hurdle. When I tried to apply I was directed to use that anathema to a simple soul, that tool of the devil, Paypal. Now, I realise that the majority of the great unwashed use Paypal, and have used it for...