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    Firefox Kuksa

    Beautiful work again mate.
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    Backyard Bushcraft-Water treatment

    Just put a video on my YouTube channel. Here’s a link.
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    Withdrawn Casstrom Lars Falt knife (REDUCED)

    Did you sell this in the end?
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    For Sale GorillaPod 3K kit

    Any left?
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    Wilderness gathering 2019

    Been to every one since the beginning. Definite one for the calendar. Made some good friends and travelling companions there over the years
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    Dutch oven beef stew

    Thanks all. It was absolutely delicious. More than enough for my supper too.
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    Dutch oven beef stew

    I had a day off on Thursday so went up the woods and cooked a beef casserole from scratch in my old Dutch oven. Here’s a link to my video on the tube.
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    Cherry eating spoon and Alder coffee scoop

    Video now uploaded. Here’s a link
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    Cherry eating spoon and Alder coffee scoop

    The upper spoon is an eating spoon I carved out of a piece of green cherry. After carving I left it dry at home for 5/6 days then baked it in the oven which gave it a lovely deep brown colouring. I then oiled it with pre-oxidised raw linseed oil (food safe) which really brought out the grain. I...
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    Let's See Your R.J. Evans Knives

    Here are mine. The third one down is my main user. The prototype ‘FTP’.
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    For Sale Lundhags forest boots Uk8

    Still available