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    What have you picked/planted today?

    1 Black Locust, 3 Autumn Olive, 10 Sea Buckthorn, 2 Jostaberry all planted out. In planters some Carlin Peas and Swiss Chard plus assorted salad greens. In grow throughs under cover some Skirret, Welsh Onions, Szechuan Pepper, Mexican Marigolds and Nasturtions. Not all today but over the last...
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    Can you tell what it is yet?

    Definitely a speed camera.
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    Revive your favorite thread

    The Fear of the dark thread. It was what brought me to BCUK and I spent a couple of days of my life reading it.
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    Elderberry port recipe

    Thanks Red. I did as you suggested and it's fizzing away happily. I tried a spoonfull and although definitely alcoholic it was very dry. I poured a pint from each demijohn (double batch) into a sterilised pan and heated it gently and dissolved sugar into the mixture. I let this cool and then...
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    Elderberry port recipe

    I'm trying this recipe as my first attempt at wine making and would like a little advice. I've followed Red's recipe. After reading a little about fermentation I covered the demijohns with clean cloth for the first 48 hours to allow air into them before fitting the airlocks. I used Youngs super...
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    Dilema: Fleece vs down.

    I've avoided down because of the usually damp UK weather. I have a Norgay Wool Insulated Jacket made by Howies from British wool. It's low profile so you don't look like the Michelin man. I wore it all last winter with often just a t-shirt underneath and found it surprisingly warm. I can't...
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    Bivi bags That ones definately pink!
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    What have you picked/planted today?

    Today I planted two Robinia Pseudoacacia and one Sambucus Nigra tree. I picked some plums and some figs.
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    What is 'Glamping'..??

    Glamping is not a chair. [/thread]
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    The Jukebox

    You don't need to join up or subscribe.
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    The Jukebox

    Ben Watt / 'Magic in Nature' - Deep Folk Mixtape 5
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    Simplest coffee filter for camping?

    +1 for Swiss Gold.
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    New computer advice

    I've been exclusively using Linux for the last 10 years. I started out with Ubuntu and now use Arch. I wouldn't got for Ubuntu if I was starting to use Linux now; probably Linux Mint. It's based on Ubuntu but with some of the crud stripped out but apparently still very user friendly. I also use...
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    Hazel Stakes & Binders

    Thanks Joonsy, just what I need!
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    Hazel Stakes & Binders

    Thanks Orchard, I wasn't aware of Arbtalk. Lots of interesting stuff over there.