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    For Sale Throwing knives and axes

    Well, missed out again! If you find any more like 1&2 dave I'd be interested! Cheers j
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    Life Boat Refit

    ...saw a video about these guys a while back. Amazing and well thought out transformation...looks as though their design was thoroughly tested!
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    canvas repairs advice

    This is a brilliant and timely post! I have to patch several areas on my boat cover where a combination of wear and cat scratching has torn the cover on the edges. Could I ask, what would be the best process for doing this. The patches will be approximately 4x6" through thick canvas...doubled in...
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    Self Sufficiency & COVID19

    It's a complicated time but all of us can take steps towards whichever level of self sufficiency we find comfortable. When it comes to growing for the table lots of us have become disconnected from the process, relying instead on the supermarkets for cheap veg. This year I fear we may have...
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    Sources of decent hatchet/ axe handles

    Those are interesting handles, great informative website too. Do they only distribute in Germany?
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    Sources of decent hatchet/ axe handles

    Guys, thank you so much for the advice. Once again I've learned something new! I've made up quick handles before but wouldn't claim they were anything more than rough and functional, maybe its time (now I've got time) to spend it making a nicely finished handle. Ash is a remarkable wood...
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    Sources of decent hatchet/ axe handles

    What woods are they made from traditionally?...probably ash although the grain on my handle doesn't look like ash...elm maybe? Cheers guys j Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sources of decent hatchet/ axe handles

    Morning all I find I'm in need of a couple of decent handles, one for my small axe and one for a hatchet. I'd like something of the same good quality that carried the axe and hatchet through the last 10 years of my ownership and probably some time before that! Any recommendations for a source...
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    recommendations please, cordless screw driver

    100% makita...used all sorts over the years, makita are rugged and seem to last...unless you accidentally drop yours in the canal...just about to replace mine with another now! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    TCV Conservation Handbooks - half price subscription

    ...treasure my old btcv printed copies...£7.50 is a bargain! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wanted Custom Bushcraft (Woodlore style)

    Can't see that one?...
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    A small collecton of skulls

    Nice! We (some students and I) came across a dead fox...I wondered about burying it to dig it back up again once all the fleshy bits had been eaten long do you think this would take? Seems like a good experiment to me! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ramsoms are up

    Not a big fan of digging stuff up and moving it...I had a small patch growing wild in a small copse that I look after...someone kindly dug it all up...if I want garlic at home I plant a clove or two of the cultivated varieties
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    What would you forage in your local area?

    Ahhhhhh, okay....the seed bit....I'm off to look at the trees!
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    What would you forage in your local area?

    ...not come across sycamore peas before? that leaf buds?...everyday is an education!